You are currently viewing Urgent Passport Fees in Pakistan after Raise

Urgent Passport Fees in Pakistan after Raise

Urgent Passport Fees in Pakistan after Raise.

Pakistan Announces Revised Passport Fee Structure

Planning to apply for a new Pakistani passport or seeking an urgent renewal?

This comprehensive guide outlines the latest fee structure implemented by the federal government in March 2024.

Understanding the Revised Fees:

  • Effective Date: The new fee structure applies to all machine-readable passport applications submitted from March 2024 onwards.
  • Focus on Streamlining Services: These adjustments aim to improve the passport issuance process and enhance services offered to Pakistani citizens.

Breakdown of New Fees:

The revised fees are categorized based on:

  • Number of Pages: 36, 72, or 100 pages.
  • Passport Validity: 5 years or 10 years.
  • Urgency: Normal processing or urgent processing.

Revised Urgent Passport Fees (March 2024)

Passport TypePagesValidityUrgent Fee (Rs)
36-page Passport365 years7,500
10 years11,200
72-page Passport725 years13,500
10 years20,200
100-page Passport1005 years18,000
10 years27,000

Additional Service Charge: A standard service charge of Rs. 1,000 applies to all passport applications, regardless of the chosen urgency category.

Importance of Passports:

A Pakistani passport serves as the primary document for:

  • Identity Verification: Validating an individual’s citizenship and identity within Pakistan.
  • International Travel: Facilitating travel abroad and ensuring seamless border crossings.

Government’s Commitment:

This fee adjustment reflects the government’s dedication to:

  • Enhanced Services: Providing efficient and improved passport issuance procedures.
  • Smooth Operations: Guaranteeing the smooth functioning of Pakistani diplomatic missions internationally.

Modernization and Accessibility:

The revised structure signifies the government’s ongoing efforts towards:

  • Modernization: Upgrading passport services through efficient systems.
  • Accessibility: Enhancing ease of access for citizens seeking new passports or renewals.
  • Seamless Travel: Facilitating a smoother travel experience for Pakistani passport holders.

Citizens’ Rights and Consular Services:

These changes emphasize the government’s commitment to:

  • Upholding Travel Rights: Ensuring Pakistani citizens can exercise their right to travel internationally.
  • Efficient Consular Services: Providing efficient and reliable consular services to citizens abroad.

Proactive Approach:

The revised fee structure reflects Pakistan’s proactive approach to:

  • Improved Procedures: Enhancing administrative processes for passport applications.
  • Serving Citizens’ Needs: Prioritizing the needs of citizens seeking efficient passport services for international travel.

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