You are currently viewing Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee in Saudi Riyal March 2024

Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee in Saudi Riyal March 2024

Pakistani Passport Renewal Fee in Saudi Riyal March 2024.

Renew Your Pakistani Passport in Saudi Arabia: Fees & Requirements (March 2024)

This guide provides all the essential information for Pakistani expatriates in Saudi Arabia who need to renew their passports.

Current Fee Structure (Saudi Riyals):

Description5 Year Validity10 Year Validity
36 Pages Passport84 SAR126 SAR
72 Pages Passport154 SAR231 SAR
100 Pages Passport168 SAR336 SAR
36 Pages Passport140 SAR210 SAR
72 Pages Passport252 SAR378 SAR
100 Pages PassportNot AvailableNot Available

Renew Your Passport with Ease

The Embassy of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia offers efficient passport renewal services through its dedicated Machine-Readable Passport Office. This guide details the current fee structure (as of March 2024) and required documents for a smooth renewal process.

Normal vs. Urgent Processing:

The Mission provides both normal and urgent processing options for passport renewals. Choose the most suitable option based on your needs:

  • Normal Processing: Cost-effective option with a standard turnaround time.
  • Urgent Processing: Faster processing for those requiring a renewed passport quickly (additional fees apply).

Required Documents (All Applicants):

  • Valid CNIC (Original & Copy)
  • Original Passport & Copy of Data Page
  • Iqama/Resident Permit (Copy)

Additional Documents for Minors (Under 18):

  • Original Children Registration Certificate (CRC) or NICOP/Smart Card issued by NADRA
  • Copies of Parents’ CNICs
  • Presence of at least one parent (Father/Mother) during application
  • For single parents, a copy of the custodial parent’s CNIC and a court-issued guardianship certificate.
  • Alternatively, a guardianship certificate/custody decree issued by the competent court of Saudi Arabia can be used.

Birth Certificate for Newborns

Important Note: This fee structure is effective from 2021 and subject to change. For the latest information, it’s recommended to contact the Embassy of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia directly.

Note: The information above might not be accepted 100%. Please verify from your own sources. We will not be responsible for any kind of loss due to our content.

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