You are currently viewing Passport Fees in Pakistan February 2024

Passport Fees in Pakistan February 2024

Passport Fees in Pakistan February 2024.

Clear Passports, Clear Costs: Pakistan Unveils Simplified Fee Structure

Planning your next adventure? Say goodbye to fee confusion! Pakistan’s new Machine Readable Passport (MRP) fee structure brings clarity and convenience for all citizens.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Transparent fees: Get a clear picture of the exact cost before you apply. No more hidden charges!
  • Variety of options: Choose between normal or urgent processing based on your travel needs.
  • Multiple page options: Select 36, 72, or 100 pages depending on your travel frequency.
  • Easy breakdown: See the specific MRP fee and service charges for each category.

Here’s a quick glance at the fees:

Processing SpeedPagesMRP Fee (5 Years)Service ChargesTotal Fee
Normal36Rs. 3,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 4,000
Normal72Rs. 5,500Rs. 6,500Rs. 12,000
Normal100Rs. 6,000Rs. 7,000Rs. 13,000
Urgent36Rs. 5,000Rs. 6,000Rs. 11,000
Urgent72Rs. 9,000Rs. 10,000Rs. 19,000
Urgent100Rs. 12,000Rs. 13,000Rs. 25,000

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This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to:

  • Transparency: Clear fee structure empowers informed decision-making.
  • Accessibility: Simplified process makes passports more attainable.
  • Convenience: Know the costs upfront for stress-free planning.

Planning a trip? Pakistan’s new MRP fee structure makes getting your passport clearer and easier than ever.

Here’s what you need to know:

Choose Your Path:

  • Normal Processing: Ideal for planned trips with ample lead time.
  • Urgent Processing: Need your passport quickly? Opt for this option.

Pick Your Pages:

  • 36 Pages: Suitable for occasional travelers.
  • 72 Pages: Perfect for frequent fliers.
  • 100 Pages: Ideal for globetrotters.

Know Your Costs:

  • Transparent fees: See the exact cost breakdown before you apply.
  • All-inclusive pricing: No hidden charges or surprises.


  • Match your needs: Choose the category and urgency level that fits your travel plans.
  • Fees include taxes: Get a clear picture of your financial commitment.

Government’s Focus:

  • Transparency: Simplifying the process and informing citizens.
  • User-friendliness: Making passport application smoother.
  • Efficiency: Streamlining public administration.

Ready to start your journey? Apply for your passport with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect.

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