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E-Passport Fee in Pakistan 2024

E-Passport Fee in Pakistan 2024.

Pakistan Cuts E-Passport Fees: Travel Just Got Easier and More Affordable!

Great news for Pakistani travelers! The government has unveiled a revamped fee structure for e-Passports as of January 2024, making them more affordable and accessible for a wider range of citizens.

Here’s what you need to know:

Key changes:

  • Significantly reduced fees: Prices have dropped for both 36-page and 72-page e-Passports, with both 5-year and 10-year validity options available.
  • Uniformity across provinces: The new fee structure applies equally nationwide, ensuring fairness and consistency for all applicants.
  • Alignment with government goals: This move reflects the government’s commitment to providing equal access to essential travel documents.

New prices:

  • 72-page e-Passport:
    • 5-year validity: Rs. 15,000 (previously Rs. 18,250)
    • 10-year validity: Rs. 24,000 (previously Rs. 27,500)
  • 36-page e-Passport:
    • 5-year validity: Rs. 9,000 (previously Rs. 13,500)
    • 10-year validity: Rs. 13,000 (previously Rs. 18,000)

This means you can now save up to Rs. 13,500 on your next e-Passport! This initiative makes international travel more accessible and convenient for many Pakistanis, promoting personal growth and economic opportunities.

Ready to apply? Visit the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGIP) for details and application procedures.

Traveling just got easier and more affordable for everyday Pakistanis! ✈️ The government has revamped the e-passport fee structure, slashing prices and making this crucial travel document accessible to a wider range of citizens. ✨

Here’s how it benefits you:

  • Reduced Fees: Save up to Rs. 13,500 on both 36-page and 72-page e-passports, with options for 5-year and 10-year validity!
  • Clear and Predictable Costs: Plan your budget easily with straightforward pricing across all provinces. Transparency is key!
  • Faster Processing: Streamlined fees contribute to a smoother processing system, meaning less waiting time for your e-passport.
  • Travel with Confidence: Embrace hassle-free travel with an internationally recognized document available at a more accessible price.

The government’s commitment is clear: they want EVERYONE to experience the freedom of travel. Take advantage of this opportunity, explore the world, and connect with new cultures. The world awaits! ️

Share this with your friends and family! Everyone deserves the chance to explore, and now, traveling abroad is more accessible than ever for Pakistanis.

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