You are currently viewing Passport Fees Increased in Pakistan from March 7th

Passport Fees Increased in Pakistan from March 7th

Passport Fees Increased in Pakistan from March 7th.

Pakistan Implements Revised Passport Fees: Understanding the Cost Changes and Planning Your Application (March 5, 2024)

The Pakistani government has announced significant increases in passport fees, effective from March 7th, 2024.

This new fee structure applies to both standard and urgent processing, as well as five-year and ten-year validity passports.

While the move aims to improve efficiency and service delivery, it’s crucial for individuals planning to apply for passports to be aware of the revised costs to ensure proper budgeting and planning.

Understanding the Fee Changes:

Regular Passport Fees:

  • Old Fee: Rs. 3,000
  • New Fee: Rs. 4,500
  • Increase: Rs. 1,500 (50%)

This substantial increase in the standard passport fee is intended to cover the costs associated with processing regular applications efficiently.

Urgent Passport Fees:

  • Old Fee: Rs. 5,000
  • New Fee: Rs. 7,500
  • Increase: Rs. 2,500 (50%)

The expedited processing service for urgent applications comes at a steeper cost with a 50% increase in fees. This caters to individuals with urgent travel needs who require their passports within a shorter timeframe.

Ten-Year Passport Fees:

  • Regular (Old Fee): Rs. 4,500
  • Regular (New Fee): Rs. 6,700
  • Increase: Rs. 2,200 (48.9%)
  • Urgent (Old Fee): Rs. 7,500
  • Urgent (New Fee): Rs. 11,200
  • Increase: Rs. 3,700 (49.3%)

The revised fee structure also applies to ten-year validity passports, with significant increases in both the standard and urgent processing categories.

Rationale Behind the Fee Hike:

The government has explained that these adjustments aim to:

  • Streamline and enhance passport processing services: The increased fees are intended to support investments in technology, manpower, and infrastructure improvements to expedite the application process and reduce waiting times for applicants.
  • Cover operational costs: The revised fee structure is expected to contribute towards covering the operational costs associated with issuing passports, including security features, printing, and personnel expenses.

Planning Your Passport Application:

With the new fee structure coming into effect on March 7th, potential applicants are advised to:

  • Review the updated fees: Familiarize yourself with the revised costs for your desired processing speed and passport validity period to ensure accurate budgeting.
  • Plan your application timeline: Consider your travel needs and the processing time associated with your chosen category (regular or urgent) when planning your application submission.
  • Explore alternative options: If the revised fees fall outside your budget, consider exploring alternative travel documents or delaying your travel plans if feasible.

Staying Informed:

For the latest information and updates regarding passport applications, fees, and processing times, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGIP) at


The revised passport fees in Pakistan reflect the government’s commitment to improving the efficiency of passport services. While the cost increase might pose a challenge for some individuals, understanding the rationale behind the changes and carefully planning your application process can help navigate these adjustments.

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