You are currently viewing Overseas Passport Fee in Pakistan 2024

Overseas Passport Fee in Pakistan 2024

Overseas Passport Fee in Pakistan 2024.

New Year, New Passport in Pakistan! ✈️ ️

Planning your 2024 adventures? The Passport Office has you covered!

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Here’s your guide to fees for Overseas Machine Readable Passports (MRPs):

Choose Your Pages:

  • 36 Pages: Perfect for frequent travelers (Rs. 5,500 for Normal, Rs. 12,500 for Urgent)
  • 72 Pages: Extra space for visa stamps (Rs. 13,500 for Normal, Rs. 20,500 for Urgent)
  • 100 Pages: Ideal for globetrotters (Rs. 14,500 for Normal, Rs. 26,500 for Urgent)

Normal vs. Urgent:

  • Normal: Save costs but expect a standard waiting time.
  • Urgent: Need your passport fast? Pay extra for speedy processing.


  • These are base fees, excluding taxes.
  • Service charges differ between Normal and Urgent options.

Get Your Passport, Get Going! Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Pick Your Pace: Normal or Urgent Processing? Balance cost and speed – Normal is budget-friendly, Urgent zooms you through.
  2. Choose Your Size: 36, 72, or 100 pages? Match your travel style – frequent flyers, opt for more!
  3. Follow the Trail: Head to the official website or your nearest Passport Office for the application form and guidelines.
  4. Stay Updated: New procedures? Fees tweaks? Check the website or ask at the office for any changes.

With clear fees and a smooth process, getting your Overseas MRP in 2024 is a breeze! No more mystery – this breakdown equips you for a hassle-free application.

Now, grab your wanderlust and prepare to embark on new adventures! Your passport awaits, ready to be stamped with unforgettable memories.

Ready to apply? Head to the official website for all the details!

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