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Israel-Saudi Ties & Palestine

Tel Aviv: Israel-Saudi Ties & Palestine are interlinked, keeping in view the armed conflicts in the region. Israel, as part of efforts to normalize ties with Saudi Arabia, is talking with Palestinian authorities, Israel’s national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi said at a conference at Reichman University in central Israel. However, the Palestinian or Saudi authorities have not commented yet on the Israeli statements.

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Many Muslim countries do not recognize Israel as a country because of its decades-long occupation of Palestinian territories.

Saudi Arabia also does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, and Riyadh is not in favor of normalization with Tel Aviv until it ends its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Six Arab countries have diplomatic relations with Israel: Egypt recognized Israel in 1979, and Jordan in 1994.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco recognized Israel in the year 2020 after the deals brokered by the US under President Trump.

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Israeli authorities have talked with Saudi Arabia on various occasions about normalizing diplomatic ties with Israel.

The US is now involved in talks with both countries. Last month, Israel’s national security adviser Tzachi Hanegbi said there is “significant progress” in talks with Saudi Arabia, and now Hanegbi said that an agreement is “likely to take place” about the normalization deal between Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

Israel-Saudi Ties & Palestine are interrelated when it comes to their fate. Both Israel and Arab states must not think out of the box. In fact, they are all part of the same box with their future tightly packed. One thing is certain, like a wall in writing, that the region will remain unstable unless the Israel-Palestine issue is resolved with justice. International Organizations can play a vital role in this regard, rather than just sitting there with one eye closed on the issue.

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