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90000 Pakistanis left in August 2023

90000 Pakistanis left in August 2023 due to dire economic conditions and in search of jobs. This number added to the number of more than 400,000 leaving Pakistan in the first eight months of 2023.

During the initial eight months of 2023, an astonishing number of over 540,000 Pakistanis embarked on a quest for better job prospects overseas. Information sourced from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment reveals that a total of 540,282 Pakistanis registered for overseas employment within the first eight months of the current calendar year, up to August.

In terms of destination, a significant portion of these workers, 251,655 in total, relocated to Saudi Arabia, while 147,960 headed to the United Arab Emirates, 39,901 chose Oman, and 39,479 Pakistanis ventured to Qatar. Other noteworthy countries on the list include Malaysia (17,647), Bahrain (8,518), Romania (4,175), Greece (2,623), and Iraq (2,373).

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As of July, the count of Pakistanis who had already departed the country stood at 450,110. This indicates that during August alone, more than 90,000 Pakistanis made the decision to leave the country in pursuit of employment opportunities abroad.

A detailed analysis of the data illustrates that out of the individuals who left the country during this period, 232,749 were laborers, while 118,172 were drivers. Notably, the departing workforce also included 5,589 engineers, 5,216 accountants, 2,261 doctors, and 1,012 teachers.

The breakdown by occupational group provided by the bureau reveals that among the departing individuals, 15,052 were highly qualified, 31,130 were highly skilled, 197,719 were skilled, 57,516 were semi-skilled, and the majority, totaling 238,865, were unskilled.

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90000 Pakistanis left in August 2023, and It’s essential to clarify that the data from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment specifically pertains to individuals who registered with the Bureau. Consequently, individuals who migrate abroad for educational purposes or through alternative immigration channels, such as direct immigration, are not included in this dataset.

It’s also noteworthy that last year saw a record-breaking figure of 832,339 Pakistanis departing for employment abroad, marking the highest number since 2016.

Furthermore, according to recent data from the emigration bureau, a significant number of highly qualified (12,787) and highly skilled (26,405) individuals have left Pakistan in 2023. Additionally, 164,155 skilled and nearly 198,000 unskilled workers have also emigrated in search of employment opportunities. Saudi Arabia and the UAE remain top destinations, with significant numbers heading to other Gulf countries, Malaysia and China. The departing workforce includes laborers, drivers, technicians, salesmen, electricians, agriculturalists, carpenters, cooks, and educated professionals like engineers, doctors, IT specialists, and accountants.

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