You are currently viewing IPP Disclose Candidates Names for Elections 2024

IPP Disclose Candidates Names for Elections 2024

IPP Disclose Candidates Names for Elections 2024.

IPP Takes the Field with Diverse Slate for Upcoming Elections:

Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) has made its initial moves in the upcoming national and Punjab provincial assembly elections, unveiling candidates for several key constituencies.

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The party aims to shake up the political landscape with a mix of established figures and fresh faces.

National Assembly:

  • Rawalpindi: Ghulam Sarwar Khan (NA-54) and Sharjeel Meera (NA-56) take on the challenge.
  • Sialkot: Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan (NA-70) seeks to represent her city.
  • Gujranwala: Rana Nazir Khan (NA-79) steps onto the political stage.
  • Lahore: Gul Asghar Khan (NA-88), Humayun Akhtar Khan (NA-97), Abdul Aleem Khan (NA-117), and Hashim Dogra (NA-133) aim to make their mark in the bustling city.
  • Sahiwal and Khanewal: Malik Nauman Langriyal (NA-143) and Mohammad Ayaz Khan Niazi (NA-147) hope to gain local support.
  • Jahangir Khan Tareen: The experienced politician aims for double victories in NA-149 and NA-155 Lodhran.

The Waiting Game:

The suspense remains for voters and analysts awaiting IPP’s decisions on crucial seats like Islamabad’s NA-48 and Lahore’s NA-128.

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IPP Spreads the Net Across Punjab with Varied Candidates:

Following its national lineup announcement, Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) has unveiled its candidates for the Punjab Assembly elections, showcasing a diverse roster across various constituencies.

Familiar Faces, Fresh Blood:

  • Lahore: Abdul Aleem Khan takes on a double challenge in PP-149 and PP-209 Khanewal.
  • Lodhran: Political veteran Jahangir Khan Tareen seeks victory in PP-227, while Nazir Ahmad Khan contests PP-228.
  • Rawalpindi: Amar Sadiq Khan (PP-12) and Malik Azmat Mehmood (PP-13) make their foray into politics. Atif Ali (PP-16), Fayyaz ul Hasan (PP-17), and Adnan Hasan (PP-19) add to the party’s presence.
  • Jhelum and Hafizabad: Raja Yavar Kamal (PP-24) and Mamoon Tarar (PP-37) aim to gain local support.

New Hopefuls Take the Stage:

  • Sialkot: Tahir Mahmood Hindli (PP-45) and Mohammad Mossadeq Riaz (PP-59) represent fresh political aspirations.
  • Gujranwala: Rana Nazeer Khan (PP-66) and Rana Umar Nazir (PP-68) aim to make their mark.
  • Khushab: Aamir Haider Singh (PP-81) and Ehsanullah Tiwana (PP-83) join the electoral fray. Mohammad Zubair (PP-84) and Sikandar Hayat (PP-102) complete the initial list.

Intrigue Remains:

IPP’s strategic decisions for some key seats like PP-77 Faisalabad and PP-28 Rawalpindi keep suspense alive for voters and observers.

IPP Completes Punjab Assembly Lineup, Spanning City and Countryside:

Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) has finalized its roster for the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections, unveiling candidates for several remaining constituencies across diverse regions.

With this announcement, the party’s presence stretches from bustling urban centers to agricultural heartlands, showcasing its aim to build a nationwide foothold.

Lahore and Vicinity:

  • Mian Salman Saleem (PP-169) and Mian Abdul Khalid (PP-175) seek to represent Lahore.
  • In Kasur, Hashim Dogar takes on the challenge in both PP-179 and PP-180, while Saleem Akhtar contests PP-182.

Beyond the Metro:

  • Faisalabad sees Chaudhry Ali Akhtar (PP-106) and Nausher Subhan (PP-133) vying for seats.
  • Sahiwal welcomes Falak Sher Langriyal (PP-204), while Multan and Vehari receive Brigadier Qaiser Ali Haider (PP-213) and Owais Khakwani (PP-236) respectively.
  • Bahawalpur’s representation comes from Tehseen Nawaz Gardizi (PP-245), and Iftikhar Hasan takes on PP-250.
  • Completing the list are Niaz Hussain Gashguri (PP-277) in Kot Adu and Syed Rafaqat Gilani (PP-282).

Urban-Rural Balance:

The IPP’s diverse spread across districts like Jhelum, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Khushab, Nankana Sahib, Qasor, and beyond, indicates a strategic effort to appeal to both urban and rural voters.

This comprehensive approach highlights the party’s ambition to establish itself as a major player in Pakistan’s political landscape.

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