You are currently viewing 17800 Candidates to Contest in General Elections 2024

17800 Candidates to Contest in General Elections 2024

17800 Candidates to Contest in General Elections 2024.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has officially disclosed the comprehensive list of candidates for the forthcoming general elections set for February 8, 2024.

A total of 17,816 candidates have stepped into the electoral arena, presenting a diverse composition that includes 4 transgender individuals and a substantial representation of women.

Breaking down the candidates, the 266 National Assembly constituencies feature 1,780 male and 93 female candidates from various political parties.

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Additionally, a noteworthy 3,027 independent candidates have joined the competition, consisting of 2,219 men, 219 women, and 2 transgender individuals.

The overall count of candidates contending for the general seats of the National Assembly reaches 5,121.

Within this cohort, 4,806 are men, 312 are women, and 2 are transgender individuals, underscoring a varied and inclusive representation in the democratic process.

In the context of provincial assemblies, the data signifies a competitive landscape with 6,710 candidates contending for seats in the Punjab Assembly, 2,878 for the Sindh Assembly, 1,834 candidates (inclusive of 2 transgenders) for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, and 1,273 candidates for the Balochistan Assembly.

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Collectively, the current report from the Commission reveals a total of 12,695 candidates engaging in the electoral competition across the four provincial assemblies.

When amalgamated with the National Assembly figures, a comprehensive 17,816 candidates emerge, participating in the electoral process for general seats across both national and provincial assemblies.

This diverse array of candidates signifies an energetic and dynamic political landscape as the nation approaches this pivotal electoral event.

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