You are currently viewing Check List of Verified Private Hajj Operators

Check List of Verified Private Hajj Operators

Check List of Verified Private Hajj Operators

Hajj 2024 Update: Verified Private Tour Operators Announced, Government Draw Details Confirmed

Looking to embark on Hajj this year? The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has released the official list of verified private tour operators authorized to register pilgrims.

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Government Hajj Scheme:

  • Application deadline for the regular scheme has passed with over 66,000 applications received.
  • A public draw will be held to determine successful applicants.
  • Those who performed Hajj in the past 5 years are eligible for this year’s pilgrimage.

Private Operator Option:

  • If you’re not selected in the draw, consider registered private tour operators for your pilgrimage.
  • Costs and package details for Long Hajj (38-42 days) and Short Hajj (20-25 days) vary depending on the chosen operator.

Sponsorship Scheme:

  • Individuals who performed Hajj in previous years or are sponsored by families abroad can utilize this scheme.

Additional Information:

  • The total Hajj quota for Pakistan is around 180,000, including seats allocated to private operators.
  • The government is launching awareness campaigns to attract more applicants despite economic challenges.

Remember: Always verify authenticity and choose reputable operators for a safe and fulfilling Hajj experience.

Hajj 2024: Package Costs Revealed for Long and Short Hajj

Pilgrims can choose between two Hajj durations this year:

  • Long Hajj (38-42 days): Includes an 8-day stay in Madinah.
  • Short Hajj (20-25 days): Offers a condensed pilgrimage experience.


Long Hajj:

  • South Region (Karachi, Sukkur):
    • Regular applicants: Rs 10,65,000
    • Sponsorship Scheme: $3765
  • North Region (Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad):
    • Regular applicants: Rs 10,75,000
    • Sponsorship Scheme: $3800

Short Hajj:

  • South Region:
    • Regular applicants: Rs 11,40,000
    • Sponsorship Scheme: $4015
  • North Region:
    • Regular applicants: Rs 11,50,000
    • Sponsorship Scheme: $4050

These are base costs and may vary depending on the chosen private operator.

Note: The information above might not be accepted 100%. Please verify from your own sources. We will not be responsible for any kind of loss due to our content.

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