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Usman Dar Quits PTI & Politics

Usman Dar Quits PTI & Politics. In another setback for the former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, his close associate and former SAPM, Usman Dar, declared his resignation from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and retired from politics on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the Sindh High Court issued an order to the police to file a missing person’s case for Usman Dar and scheduled a court appearance for October 18.

Barrister Ali Tahir had previously informed the bench that the high court had previously directed the police to file the missing person’s case in a previous hearing.

Usman Dar allegations on PTI & Imran Khan

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Usman Dar Quits PTI & Politics

Usman Dar made several allegations against PTI members like Hamad Azhar, Murad Saeed, Azam Swati, and Farrukh Habib.

He claims that they held anti-military sentiments and were closely associated with the PTI chairman, who advocated a confrontational stance towards the military.

He also mentioned that the PTI chairman used human shields to evade arrest and conducted extensive indoctrination of party workers for this purpose.

The incidents at the Judicial Complex Islamabad and Zaman Park were the results of this indoctrination.

He announced his departure from the PTI.

Regarding his involvement in the May 9 events, Dar denied any connection and expressed his willingness to appear in court.

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Dar expressed profound disappointment with the PTI’s current state and attributed its decline to its chairman. He suggested that if the PTI had not split, the May 9 incidents might not have occurred. And those involved should be held accountable.

Coming from a political family, Dar joined the PTI after being influenced by the PTI chairman. He highlighted his efforts in launching the youth program and pursuing developmental projects in Sialkot.

Dar concluded by announcing his departure from the PTI and declared that he would not join any other political party.

He urged major political parties to unite and work for the betterment of Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of Pakistan’s existence.

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