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Govt Sets Deadline of Nov 1 for Illegal Immigrants to Exit Pakistan

Govt Sets Deadline of Nov 1 for Illegal Immigrants to Exit Pakistan. Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti issued a directive on 3rd October, setting a deadline of November 1 for undocumented immigrants to depart from Pakistan. Caretaker, Information Minister Murtaza Solangi also reiterated the government`s line in a Tweet.

This is to note that the United High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has strongly advised to abandon the plan and deadline. It stressed that the return must be voluntary rather than forced.

In reaction, the spokesperson of UNHCR said, “We have seen disconcerting press reports about a plan to deport undocumented Afghans, and we are seeking clarity from our government partners”. He added, “Pakistan has remained a generous refugee host for decades. This role has been acknowledged globally, but more needs to be done to match its generosity”.

Murtaza Solangi, Caretaker Information Minister

He cautioned that if they failed to do so, law enforcement agencies would be tasked with their deportation. The announcement was made during a press conference held in Islamabad, where the interior minister shared insights into the outcomes of a meeting held at the Prime Minister’s House focused on the National Action Plan.

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The interior minister also emphasized that from October 10 to 31, e-tazkiras (electronic Afghan identity cards) would be considered valid. After this period, the passport and visa policy mentioned earlier would be enforced.

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The interior minister emphasized that the state retains exclusive authority over the use of force. He made it clear that no other entity, whether engaged in political violence, militancy, ethnicity, religion, or any other guise, would be allowed to exercise such authority.

Furthermore, he stated that the task force would actively pursue individuals using fraudulent identity cards and passports for illicit purposes. Bugti explained that DNA testing would help identify those holding Pakistani identity cards without actually being citizens.

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Fraudulent ID card usage, the presence of undocumented immigrants, and other illegal practices like smuggling and hoarding, a universal helpline number, and a web portal will soon be launched. The interior minister also announced plans to introduce a reward system to motivate informants.

Bugti also highlighted the establishment of joint checkposts to combat smuggling and hoarding, more rigorous measures to combat illicit money transfers and power theft, and stricter enforcement against drug-related offenses.

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Moreover, he stressed that the task force would target properties and businesses owned by illegal immigrants or operated in collaboration with Pakistanis. The crackdown would extend to fraudulent identity cards and passports.

To enhance efforts in curbing smuggling and hoarding, the minister mentioned the establishment of joint checkposts. Vigilance against illicit money transfers and power theft will be practiced. Additionally, he highlighted the forthcoming stringent measures against drug-related offenses.

Bugti reiterated that the state alone possesses the authority to use force. And would not permit any other entity to exercise it. Regardless of the guise under which it operates, whether as political violence, militancy, ethnicity, religion, or any other form.

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