You are currently viewing Fast-Track Passport Fee in Pakistan March 2024

Fast-Track Passport Fee in Pakistan March 2024

Fast-Track Passport Fee in Pakistan March 2024.

Beat Delays: Fast-Track Your Pakistani Passport in 48 Hours (March 2024 Update)

Facing a tight travel deadline? Don’t let lengthy passport processing times in Pakistan throw a wrench in your plans.

The Directorate General Immigration & Passports (DGIP) offers a Fast-Track Passport Service as the ultimate solution for expedited passport issuance within just 48 hours.

This service is especially crucial during peak seasons like Hajj, ensuring you receive your passport well in advance of your travel date.

Expanded Availability & Service Upgrades:

The Fast-Track Passport Service has undergone significant improvements to cater to a wider range of needs:

  • Expanded Service Availability: This service is now accessible in 21 cities across Pakistan, with 14 new cities joining the initial 7 major locations. This wider reach simplifies the application process for residents across the country.
  • Clear Fee Structure: The table below provides a transparent breakdown of the Fast-Track fees for different passport types:
Passport Type5 Years Validity10 Years Validity
MRP 36 pagesRs. 10,000Rs. 12,500
MRP 72 pagesRs. 14,000Rs. 18,500
MRP 100 pagesRs. 17,000Rs. 23,000

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Benefits of the Fast-Track Service:

  • Reduced Waiting Time: Receive your passport within two working days, eliminating the stress and inconvenience of long processing delays.
  • Ideal for Urgent Travel: This service is the perfect solution for individuals with critical travel requirements who cannot afford to wait for standard processing times.
  • Variety of Options: Choose from different passport types to suit your needs, including 36-page, 72-page, and 100-page options.

Streamlined Application Process:

To expedite your passport issuance:

  1. Visit the DGIP website
  2. Select the “Apply Online” option and choose your desired passport type.
  3. During the application process, opt for the “Fast Track” service on the payment page.
  4. Pay the combined fee (normal processing fee + Fast-Track fee) using the available online payment methods.

Additional Information and Resources:

For detailed information on eligibility criteria, required documents, and other inquiries, visit the DGIP website or visit your nearest passport office.

The Takeaway:

The Fast-Track Passport Service empowers Pakistani citizens to navigate urgent travel situations with ease and efficiency. By leveraging this service, you can obtain your passport in just 48 hours, ensuring a hassle-free and timely experience for your upcoming trip.

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