You are currently viewing Pakistani Passport Fees for January 2024

Pakistani Passport Fees for January 2024

Pakistani Passport Fees for January 2024. Keep reading for details.

Pakistan Unveils Clear Passport Fee Structure: Choosing Your Options

The Pakistani government has simplified passport costs with a transparent fee breakdown for Machine Readable Passports (MRPs).

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This guide helps you navigate the choices and understand the associated costs:

Validity Options:

  • 5 Years

Number of Pages:

  • 36 pages (standard)
  • 72 pages (additional fees)
  • 100 pages (highest capacity)

Processing Speed:

  • Normal processing (4-6 weeks)
  • Urgent processing (1-2 weeks, higher fees)

Fee Breakdown (all prices include taxes):

CategoryFeeService ChargesTotal
5-year, 36 pages (normal)Rs. 3,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 4,000
5-year, 36 pages (urgent)Rs. 5,000Rs. 6,000Rs. 11,000
5-year, 72 pages (normal)Rs. 5,500Rs. 6,500Rs. 12,000
5-year, 72 pages (urgent)Rs. 9,000Rs. 10,000Rs. 19,000
5-year, 100 pages (normal)Rs. 6,000Rs. 7,000Rs. 13,000
5-year, 100 pages (urgent)Rs. 12,000Rs. 13,000Rs. 25,000

The Pakistani government has taken a big step towards transparency and accessibility with its newly unveiled passport fee structure.

This clear breakdown of costs for Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) empowers citizens to plan their travel with ease, whether they seek routine or expedited services.

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Navigating the Options:

  • Choose your passport’s validity: 5 years is standard, with options for extended periods.
  • Select the desired number of pages: Standard 36 pages suffice for most travel, but extra capacity (72 or 100 pages) might be needed for frequent visa applications.
  • Decide on processing speed: Opt for regular processing (4-6 weeks) for cost-efficiency, or choose urgent service (1-2 weeks) for a premium.

Tips for Applicants:

  • Match your needs to the options: Consider your travel frequency and visa requirements when choosing validity and page count.
  • Plan your budget: Factor in service charges based on your chosen processing speed.

Transparency for Improved Service:

This revamped fee structure reflects the government’s commitment to efficient public administration.

By simplifying passport costs and offering a clear roadmap, the process becomes more user-friendly and aligns with broader goals of service excellence.

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