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First Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan: 11th March

First Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan: 11th March.

Astronomers anticipate a significant shift in Ramadan patterns, predicting the initiation of fasting in Pakistan on March 11.

This celestial revelation suggests a broader trend, marking Ramadan’s alignment with colder months, a phenomenon not observed in the past 26 years.

Based on astronomical calculations, experts project the onset of Ramadan, linked to the crescent moon sighting, on the 1st of Ramadan, around March 11.

However, the official announcement depends on the central moon sighting committee. Prepare for a unique Ramadan experience with the anticipated adjustments in fasting schedules and weather patterns.

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When Does Ramadan Start in Pakistan? 1st Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan

This year, Ramadan in Pakistan is expected to commence on 11th March 2024. Ramadan holds profound significance in Islam, and Muslims in Pakistan make special arrangements each year, eagerly awaiting the confirmed date through moon sighting to plan their activities accordingly.

Ramadan 2024 Pakistan Start and End Dates Anticipated to start on the evening of Wednesday, 11th March 2024, Ramadan in Pakistan is expected to conclude on the evening of Friday, 8th April 2024.

For accurate and comprehensive information about Ramadan in Pakistan, bookmark this page to easily access details on the expected start and end dates. Additionally, this portal provides information on key Islamic events in Pakistan.

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You can also find Ramadan 2024 dates for cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Gujranwala, Kotli, and more on this page. Visit respective pages for Ramadan dates in other countries.

A momentous change in Ramadan timing is poised to offer a distinctive experience for Muslims globally, with the holy month commencing in the pleasant month of March.

Astronomers project this shift as the start of a trend, aligning Ramadan with winter months starting in 2024.

Remarkably, during the initial two years of this transition, the culmination of Ramadan will coincide with the arrival of spring.

The subsequent transition in 2031 will bring Ramadan back to winter, followed by a rotation into autumn until 2039.

These astronomical calculations extend beyond Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, where experts highlight the potential observance of the first day of fasting on March 11.

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This celestial alignment introduces a unique facet to Ramadan for millions, anticipating a cooler and more contemplative fasting period.

This alteration in timing is set to create a unique experience for Muslims worldwide, as they welcome the holy month amidst the cool embrace of March.

Astronomers indicate that this marks the beginning of a trend, with Ramadan persistently coinciding with the winter months starting from 2024.

Interestingly, for the initial two years of this transition, the concluding days of Ramadan will harmonize with the arrival of spring.

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The subsequent shift in 2031 will see Ramadan returning to the winter season, followed by a rotation into the autumn season until 2039.

The astronomical calculations not only apply to Pakistan but also extend to Saudi Arabia and various Gulf countries, where the possibility of observing the first day of fasting on March 11 has been highlighted by experts.

This celestial alignment adds a unique dimension to the spiritual observance of Ramadan for millions, with the anticipation of a cooler and more reflective fasting period.

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