You are currently viewing Fly Jinnah Starts Non-Stop Flights from Lahore to Sharjah

Fly Jinnah Starts Non-Stop Flights from Lahore to Sharjah

Fly Jinnah Starts Non-Stop Flights from Lahore to Sharjah.

Fly Jinnah Takes Off: New Non-Stop Flights Connect Lahore to Sharjah!

Travelers rejoice! Fly Jinnah, Pakistan’s leading low-cost carrier, is excited to announce its latest international route: Lahore to Sharjah.

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This exciting addition to their expanding network marks a significant milestone, offering affordable and convenient travel options for passengers seeking to connect between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

Daily Non-Stop Flights for Seamless Travel:

Starting March 27, 2024, Fly Jinnah will operate daily non-stop flights between Lahore and Sharjah.

This convenient schedule caters to both business and leisure travelers, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey.

Connecting Communities, Boosting Opportunities:

“We are thrilled to introduce this new route,” said a Fly Jinnah spokesperson. “It reaffirms our commitment to providing diverse travel options while maintaining affordability, reliability, and convenience.” This expansion follows the recent launch of the Islamabad-Sharjah route, further strengthening ties between Pakistan and the UAE. The new Lahore-Sharjah connection opens doors for:

  • Enhanced business opportunities: Streamlined travel paves the way for increased trade and economic collaboration between the two regions.
  • Expanded tourism potential: Visitors from both countries can now explore new destinations with greater ease, fostering cultural exchange and tourism growth.
  • Convenient travel for families and friends: The direct route simplifies travel for individuals with family and friends residing in either location.

Fly Jinnah: Your Gateway to Comfortable and Affordable Travel:

Fly Jinnah remains committed to providing exceptional value to its passengers. Their modern fleet of five Airbus A320 aircraft connects five major Pakistani cities: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta. The addition of Sharjah as an international destination from both Islamabad and Lahore further solidifies their growing network.

Beyond affordability, Fly Jinnah offers:

  • Spacious comfort: Enjoy the most generous seat-pitch in any economy cabin, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed travel experience.
  • Delicious onboard options: The “SkyCafe” menu features a wide variety of affordable snacks, sandwiches, and meals to keep you satisfied throughout your journey.
  • In-flight entertainment: Stay entertained with “SkyTime,” a free streaming service offering a diverse selection of movies and shows directly on your personal device.

Book Your Flight Today:

Book your Lahore-Sharjah flight now! Visit the Fly Jinnah website, call the call center (111-000-035), or contact your preferred travel agency. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience convenient and affordable travel with Fly Jinnah!

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