You are currently viewing Ramadan 2024 Expected to Begin from March 12

Ramadan 2024 Expected to Begin from March 12

Ramadan 2024 Expected to Begin from March 12.

Ramadan Countdown in Motion! First Day Sighted in UAE, Pakistan Waits on Shaban Moon

The anticipation for Ramadan 2024 has officially begun! While sighting timings may vary by location, celestial events in different regions paint a clearer picture of the holy month’s arrival.

Here’s the update:

  • UAE: Ramadan kicks off on Tuesday, March 12th as confirmed by the International Astronomy Centre. The Sha’ban crescent moon sighting on February 10th marked the end of Rajab and the start of Sha’ban in the UAE.
  • Pakistan: The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee didn’t spot the Shaban moon on February 10th, pushing the start of Sha’ban to Monday, February 12th. This also affects Shab-e-Barat celebrations, rescheduled to February 26th.

Key points:

  • Ramadan dates may vary slightly depending on moon sighting practices in different countries.
  • Both announcements create a buzz for the upcoming period of fasting, prayer, and reflection.
  • Moderate temperatures in the UAE during Ramadan are an additional bonus.

This information can be rephrased in different ways, depending on your goals:

  • Focus on a specific region: Tailor the content to highlight the situation in Pakistan or the UAE.
  • Create a countdown: Post regular updates as moon sightings roll in across various countries.
  • Provide additional details: Include cultural practices, traditions, or religious significance of Ramadan.

Remember to be accurate, respectful, and avoid sensationalizing the information. By offering valuable insights and engaging content, you can capture the spirit of Ramadan while respecting cultural nuances.

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