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UAE Reveals 2024 Official Holiday Calendar

UAE Reveals 2024 Official Holiday Calendar.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) cabinet, led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has officially approved the holiday calendar for 2024 for both public and private sectors.

The meticulously crafted calendar aims to synchronize key festivities with economic objectives, providing a stable backdrop for businesses to thrive and balancing leisure with productivity.

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The approved calendar outlines significant dates essential for planning both personal and professional engagements.

Notable dates include New Year celebrations on January 1, marking the start of the year with joy and festivities.

UAE Reveals 2024 Official Holiday Calendar

Eid Al Fitr, spanning from 29 Ramadan to 3 Shawwal 1445 AH, holds a central place in the calendar for reflection and celebration.

Arafa Day on 9 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1445 AH and Eid Al Adha from 10 to 12 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1445 AH are crucial periods for religious observance and community gatherings.

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The Islamic New Year on 1 Muharram 1446 AH symbolizes a fresh start, signifying hope and renewal.

Commemorating Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) birthday, 12 Rabi` Al Awwal 1446 AH, adds a touch of spirituality to the calendar.

UAE National Day celebrations take center stage on December 2-3, 2024, bringing citizens and residents together to celebrate the nation’s achievements, fostering unity and pride.

With the official holiday dates established, individuals and businesses can look forward to a structured and celebratory year.

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The strategic placement of holidays reflects a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing the government’s commitment to balancing cultural and religious observances with the demands of a dynamic and thriving economy.

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