You are currently viewing CDA to Build Two Five-Star Hotels in Sector F-5

CDA to Build Two Five-Star Hotels in Sector F-5

CDA to Build Two Five-Star Hotels in Sector F-5.

Islamabad’s Hotel Landscape Set for Transformation: CDA Proposes Two New Five-Star Hotels in Sector F-5

Islamabad, Pakistan’s bustling capital city, is poised to experience a significant boost in its hospitality sector with the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) proposal for two brand new five-star hotels in Sector F-5.

This exciting development, awaiting approval from the federal cabinet, promises to elevate Islamabad’s offerings for discerning travelers and business professionals.

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Addressing a Growing Demand:

According to sources within the Interior Ministry, the proposal stems from a crucial need for additional luxury accommodation in Islamabad.

Currently, the city can only offer approximately 4,000 hotel rooms per night, falling short of the actual demand exceeding 8,000 rooms.

This gap creates limitations for major events, conferences, and high-profile tourism, hindering Islamabad’s potential as a regional hub.

Strategic Location and Investment Opportunities:

The CDA has identified two prime plots in Sector F-5 as ideal locations for these new hotels. Plot No. 6, situated near the Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA) with a size of 4.51 acres, and Plot No. 8, measuring 3.73 acres and located behind the Islamabad Marriott Hotel, collectively hold an estimated value of Rs. 20 billion.

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The proximity of both plots to the Diplomatic Enclave makes them particularly suitable for luxury hotel development.

This strategic location caters perfectly to the needs of diplomats, foreign dignitaries, and esteemed visitors seeking a luxurious and convenient base in the heart of Islamabad.

Flexible Development Frameworks:

To ensure the project’s success and attract potential investors, the CDA is proposing three different development frameworks for cabinet consideration:

  • Freehold Rights: This option would involve the outright sale of the land to private developers, allowing them complete ownership and control over the project.
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model: Under this framework, the CDA would partner with private entities for the development and operation of the hotels. This approach leverages both public and private sector expertise while minimizing financial risks for the government.
  • Leasehold Rights: The CDA would retain ownership of the land and lease it out to developers for a specific period. Developers would be responsible for constructing and operating the hotels, offering the CDA a steady stream of revenue.

By presenting these flexible options, the CDA aims to attract diverse investor interest and select the model that best aligns with the government’s priorities and the project’s long-term sustainability.

Overcoming Past Impediments and Embracing Collaboration:

This initiative marks a significant step forward for the CDA, which previously faced challenges auctioning these plots due to the lack of cabinet approval.

However, this time, both the CDA and the federal government are in agreement, demonstrating a collaborative approach that bodes well for the project’s successful execution.

Potential for Foreign Investment:

Adding further intrigue to the project is the possibility of foreign investment. Sources suggest that Saudi Arabia, with its recently announced plan to inject up to $5 billion into Pakistan’s national economy, could be a potential investor.

Foreign involvement in this project could bring valuable expertise, advanced technology, and international brand recognition to Islamabad’s hospitality sector.

A Look Towards the Future:

The proposed construction of two new five-star hotels in Islamabad signifies a promising development for the city’s tourism industry.

By addressing the current shortage of luxury accommodations, attracting high-profile visitors, and potentially securing foreign investment, this project has the potential to transform Islamabad’s hospitality landscape.

It’s a development worth watching closely, and with cabinet approval expected soon, the future of Islamabad’s hotel scene appears bright.

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