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Cement Prices Drop Across Pakistan

Cement Prices Drop Across Pakistan while offering a sigh of relief for the construction industry.

Good news for Pakistan’s construction industry! Cement prices have taken a dip across the country, offering potential relief for builders and developers.

This downward trend, reported by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, could inject fresh life into the sector and boost economic growth.

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Here’s a closer look at the price changes:

  • Northern regions: Average price per sack down 0.57%, now at Rs 1238 (compared to Rs 1246 previously).
  • Southern regions: Slight 0.07% decline, with the average price at Rs 1191 (down from Rs 1192).
  • City-by-city breakdown: Prices vary, with Islamabad/Rawalpindi at Rs 1216, Gujranwala at Rs 1260, Sialkot at Rs 1280, Lahore at Rs 1300, Faisalabad at Rs 1260, Multan at Rs 1234, Bahawalpur at Rs 1250, Peshawar at Rs 1200, Bannu at Rs 1180, Karachi at Rs 1171, and Hyderabad at Rs 1180.

Impact and potential:

  • Industry experts: The decline could spur construction activity, leading to new projects and economic growth.
  • Builders and contractors: Optimistic about cost savings, which could ease some sector challenges.

Overall, the downward trend in cement prices is a positive development for Pakistan’s construction industry. It could lead to increased investment, job creation, and a stronger economy.

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