You are currently viewing Islamabad to have Housing Society in joint venture of CDA

Islamabad to have Housing Society in joint venture of CDA

Islamabad to have Housing Society in joint venture of CDA with private real estate developer.

Islamabad Expands Green Horizons: Kurri Enclave Housing Scheme Announced (300+ words)

Islamabad’s skyline is set to grow greener! The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has joined forces with a leading real estate developer to launch the Kurri Enclave Housing Scheme.

Spanning over 10,000 Kanals in Kurri village, this ambitious project promises to not only provide much-needed housing units but also create a sustainable and eco-friendly community.

Key Highlights:

  • Public-Private Partnership: CDA will collaborate with a private real estate firm to develop the project, leveraging expertise and investment from both sectors.
  • Large-Scale Development: Encompassing 10,000 Kanals, Kurri Enclave will offer a substantial number of residential and commercial spaces, meeting the growing demand for housing in Islamabad.
  • Vertical Focus: Prioritizing vertical development as per the Prime Minister’s directive, the project will maximize the number of housing units, optimizing land utilization.
  • Green Aspirations: Integrating sustainable practices and green principles into the design, Kurri Enclave aims to create an eco-friendly living environment.
  • Legacy Continues: This project builds upon the existing Kurri Model Village, established 14 years ago, ensuring continuity and development for the local community.

Benefits for Islamabad:

  • Addressing Housing Needs: Kurri Enclave will contribute significantly to addressing the ever-increasing demand for housing in the capital city.
  • Economic Boost: The project is expected to generate substantial economic activity, creating jobs and stimulating various sectors.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Residents can expect modern infrastructure, including efficient utilities, well-designed roads, and green spaces.
  • Enhanced Living Standards: The housing scheme aims to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for residents by incorporating green principles.

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