You are currently viewing Govt Yet to meet Cigarette Tax Goals since 2017

Govt Yet to meet Cigarette Tax Goals since 2017

Govt Yet to meet Cigarette Tax Goals since 2017.

Puffing Away Profits: Govt Misses Cigarette Tax Targets for 7 Years!

For seven years, Pakistani smokers have puffed away profits as the government flounders on cigarette tax.

A shocking new report by SDPI, a leading think tank, reveals billions in missed revenue and raises serious questions about industry influence.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Missed Targets: Since 2017, the government has consistently fallen short of tax collection goals from cigarettes.
  • Third Tier Trap: The study blames a 2017 policy change, pushed by multinational tobacco giants, for creating a “third tier” with lower taxes, costing Pakistan Rs567 billion in lost revenue.
  • Lobby Power Exposed: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids claims two major companies pressured the PML-N government to implement the tax break.
  • Urgent Action Demanded: The report calls for an immediate investigation and corrective action against implicated companies.

Beyond Money: This isn’t just about missed revenue. The study exposes the deep influence of the cigarette industry and its potential to undermine fiscal policy for public health goals.

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What Now?

  • Citizens need to demand transparency and accountability from the government.
  • Policymakers must prioritize public health over industry interests.
  • A thorough investigation into the third-tier policy is crucial.

Let’s stop the smoke and mirrors! Share this information, demand action, and help reclaim Pakistan’s lost billions from Big Tobacco. Together, we can protect public health and create a smoke-free future.

Big Tobacco Blows Smoke: Pakistan’s Cigarette Tax Crisis Exposed!

A bombshell report unveils alarming truths about Pakistan’s cigarette tax and its vulnerability to Big Tobacco’s influence. Here’s what you need to know:

Smoke and Mirrors:

  • Missed Taxes: Pakistan has consistently missed cigarette tax targets for seven years, losing a staggering Rs567 billion. Analysts blame a 2017 policy change, pushed by multinationals, creating a “third tier” with lower taxes.
  • Public Health at Stake: No clear strategy exists to use taxes for public health. Unlike many countries, high taxes haven’t been implemented to discourage smoking.
  • Industry Pressure: The report alleges two major companies pressured the government for the third tier, prioritizing revenue over health.

Broken Promises:

  • Failed Target: The third tier, touted as a revenue booster, actually yielded less than expected. Critics call it a misleading strategy.
  • Cheap Cigarettes: Pakistan saw the world’s lowest cigarette prices, leading to increased consumption and burdening the healthcare system.

Time for Action:

  • Independent Investigation: Experts demand a thorough probe into the third tier policy and potential industry influence.
  • Policy Reform: A comprehensive tax and pricing strategy is needed to prioritize public health, not just revenue.
  • WHO Guidelines: Pakistan must heed the World Health Organization’s call to guard against tobacco industry interference in public health initiatives.

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