You are currently viewing Honda City New Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda City New Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda City New Price in Pakistan 2024.

Good News for Car Buyers: Honda City Prices Drop in Pakistan (2024)

Car enthusiasts in Pakistan rejoice! Honda Atlas Car has announced a price reduction for its popular Honda City sedan, aligning with recent industry trends.

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This move comes amidst a challenging economic climate and aims to address concerns regarding rising car prices.

Lower Price Tags for City Variants:

  • Honda City MT 1.2L: The price for the base model has been reduced by Rs. 50,000, bringing the new price down to Rs. 4,649,000.
  • Honda City CVT 1.2L: This variant witnesses a more significant price drop of Rs. 140,000, with the revised price settling at Rs. 4,689,000.

A Response to Tax Policy Adjustments:

This price reduction by Honda Atlas Car follows a recent 25% sales tax increase implemented on vehicles exceeding Rs. 4 million.

  • Strategic Move: By lowering prices, Honda aims to ensure its City models remain positioned below the Rs. 4 million threshold, effectively avoiding the additional tax burden.
  • Initial Tax Policy Ambiguity: The newly elected government initially intended the tax increase to solely target cars with engine capacities exceeding 1400cc. However, the policy later included a price cap of Rs. 4 million, inadvertently impacting some SUVs with smaller engines.

Addressing Industry Challenges:

The Pakistani auto sector faces several hurdles:

  • High-Interest Rates: Financing car purchases becomes more expensive due to prevailing high interest rates, discouraging potential buyers.
  • Rising Production Costs: Escalating production costs translate into higher car prices, further straining consumer affordability.
  • Declining Sales: The combined effect of these factors leads to a decline in overall car sales within the country.

Honda’s Price Reduction: A Potential Catalyst:

Honda’s decision to reduce prices for the City variants can be seen as a positive step towards:

  • Enhancing Market Competitiveness: By offering a more attractive price point, Honda aims to remain competitive within the sedan segment.
  • Stimulating Consumer Demand: Lower prices potentially encourage car buyers to reconsider purchasing decisions, potentially leading to increased sales.
  • Adapting to Economic Pressures: Honda acknowledges the challenging economic climate and attempts to adjust its pricing strategy accordingly.

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