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Blue World City Balloting 2023

Blue World City Balloting 2023 will be offering plot numbers to the lucky property owners and investors.

On September 28, 2023, the management of Blue World City convened a pivotal meeting where they decided to host a balloting event later this year, aiming to expedite development work across all blocks within the community.

This gathering marks a crucial juncture in the project’s journey, offering investors the opportunity to secure their stakes in this burgeoning society.

The forthcoming Blue World City balloting event is scheduled for December 2023, holding great significance for prospective investors.

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It encompasses the following key components:

  1. Sports Valley Block Balloting: This event will mark the inaugural balloting for the Sports Valley Block within Blue World City. Investors who have fulfilled at least 50% of their payment commitments will be eligible to participate. However, for those yet to complete their payments, there’s time until October 31, 2023, to do so. It’s noteworthy that prices for the Sports Valley block are slated to increase after the event, making it a timely opportunity for investment.
  2. General Block Phase 2 Balloting: Similar to the Sports Valley Block, the General Block Phase 2 will experience its first-ever balloting. These blocks have been eagerly anticipated due to their strategic locations and the promise of modern living amidst natural beauty. Participants in this balloting event are required to have fulfilled 90% of their payments by October 31, emphasizing the importance of timely payments to secure a coveted piece of this paradise.
  3. Waterfront District Balloting: Following the initial balloting of the Waterfront District a few months ago, a second round of balloting is now scheduled. Those who have completed 75% of their payments will be eligible to participate in this event. The Waterfront District continues to attract significant interest due to its unique blend of scenic beauty and commercial potential.
  4. Overseas and Awami Block Balloting: This part of the balloting event includes the eagerly awaited Overseas Block and Awami Block. The Overseas Block offers overseas Pakistanis an opportunity to invest in their homeland, while the Awami Block aims to provide affordable housing solutions. To participate in the Overseas Block Balloting or Awami Block Balloting, investors must have completed 75% of their payments by the end of October.

Payment Deadline:

To partake in the balloting event and stand a chance to acquire plots in these sought-after blocks, investors must ensure their payments are completed before October 31.

This deadline has been established to provide all interested parties with an equitable opportunity to secure their position in the Blue World City Balloting for 2023. The project is considered to be the biggest private housing society in Rawalpindi.

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