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Politicians Demands Immediate Internet Restoration

Politicians Demands Immediate Internet Restoration.

Key politicians, including PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto, are urging the immediate reinstatement of internet and mobile services, criticizing the suspension for raising doubts about the election’s integrity.

The Interior Ministry’s decision to shut down services in certain cities before polling began on Thursday over security concerns has sparked backlash. Bhutto emphasized the need for swift restoration and instructed his party to pursue legal avenues.

Similarly, PPP leader Saeed Ghani condemned the shutdown, calling on the ECP to intervene. MQM leader Farooq Sattar echoed these sentiments, highlighting the inconvenience to the public and the potential for controversy in the election process.

Sindh Govt

The interim provincial information minister, Ahmed Shah, clarified that the temporary suspension of mobile phone services was implemented in response to security threats in Balochistan.

He reiterated that the decision to suspend these services rests with the federal government.

Shah emphasized that while the suspension is in place temporarily, efforts will be made to restore services, except in areas where security concerns persist.

ECP Stops Receiving Complaints due to Internet Disruption

The Election Commission’s complaint cell has ceased operations due to disruptions in mobile and internet services, preventing citizens from lodging complaints.

As the general elections 2024 proceed, the government’s decision to suspend nationwide mobile and internet services for security reasons has led to challenges for voters. Additionally, the disruption of the Election Commission’s 8300 SMS service has deprived millions of voters of crucial information regarding their votes.

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