You are currently viewing Plantation along Rawalpindi Ring Road to Launch this week

Plantation along Rawalpindi Ring Road to Launch this week

Plantation along Rawalpindi Ring Road to Launch this week at full pace.

In a significant announcement, Liaquat Ali Chattha, Commissioner of Rawalpindi Division, revealed that the long-awaited plantation initiative along both sides of the Rawalpindi Ring Road will commence on February 15.

Emphasizing the commitment to timely completion of the Ring Road project, Commissioner Chattha highlighted that over 20% of the physical work has already been completed.

He outlined the upcoming steps, mentioning that after finalizing the traffic network design connecting the ring road with the motorway, focus will shift to initiating work on the Thalian Interchange.

Additionally, directives have been issued to expedite the completion of Swan Bridge by relevant authorities.

Commissioner Chattha shared insights into planned amenities, noting that the rest area under construction will mirror the successful Bhera rest area.

He expressed optimism about the project’s transformative impact, labeling it a “game changer” for Rawalpindi residents.

Anticipating benefits, Commissioner Chattha highlighted the emergence of employment opportunities near residential areas upon project completion.

Emphasizing quality, he instructed authorities to prioritize construction standards, warning against compromises.

“We will not compromise on quality,” Commissioner Chattha asserted, projecting improved traffic flow and enhanced infrastructure in Rawalpindi post-Ring Road completion.

As the plantation drive begins, Rawalpindi residents eagerly anticipate this significant infrastructure development, expecting a positive change in their daily lives.

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