You are currently viewing Fast-Track Passport Fee in Pakistan: New Charges

Fast-Track Passport Fee in Pakistan: New Charges

Fast-Track Passport Fee in Pakistan: New Charges

Pakistan Announces Revised Fees for Fast-Track Passport Processing

Attention travelers! The Pakistani government has implemented new fee structures for expedited passport processing, effective May 8th, 2024.

This decision comes as the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (DGI&P) grapples with a backlog in passport clearances, primarily due to a shortage of lamination paper.

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As a result, standard passport processing times have significantly increased, extending into several months.

New Fast-Track Fees for Passports:

Here’s a breakdown of the revised fees for fast-track passport applications:

  • 36-page passport (5-year validity): Rs 12,500
  • 10-year validity for 36-page passport: Rs 16,200
  • 72-page passport (5-year validity): Rs 18,500
  • 10-year validity for 72-page passport: Rs 25,200
  • 100-page passport with 10-year validity: Rs 32,000

Balancing Backlog with Security Enhancements:

The DGI&P asserts that this fee increase is part of a larger plan to improve passport services and integrate more robust security features. Currently, passport issuance prioritizes applicants opting for urgent or fast-track processing, leading to a backlog of applications for standard processing times.

Planning Your Travel with the New Fee Structure:

If you require a Pakistani passport soon, carefully consider the new fee structure when selecting your processing timeframe. For urgent travel needs, opting for the fast-track service remains an option, albeit at a higher cost. However, if your travel dates allow for a longer wait time, applying for a standard passport may be a more budget-friendly choice.

Staying Updated:

We recommend checking the DGI&P website for the latest updates regarding processing times and any further changes to the fee structure.

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