You are currently viewing Get Sindh Driving & Motorcycle License: Complete Guide

Get Sindh Driving & Motorcycle License: Complete Guide

Get Sindh Driving & Motorcycle License: Complete Guide.

Hitting the road in Sindh, Pakistan? You’ll need a valid driving license to cruise legally on those car and motorcycle adventures.

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This guide simplifies the process for residents 18 and over, outlining eligibility requirements, fees, and the step-by-step application process in Karachi (and applicable across Sindh).

Understanding the Fee Structure:

The fee for your car and motorcycle license depends on the chosen validity period. Here’s a quick breakdown for Karachi:

  • Three-Year License: Rs. 1,410
  • Five-Year License: Rs. 1,860

Your Official Permit to Drive:

Issued by the Sindh Police’s Driving License Department, a driving license is your official permit to operate various motor vehicles on public roads. In Karachi, the car + motorcycle license reigns supreme, reflecting the city’s primary mode of transportation.

Ready to Graduate from Learner Permit?

Once your learner permit’s validity period is up, it’s time to secure a permanent license. Don’t forget – an online pre-appointment is mandatory before applying for your car + motorcycle license in Karachi. This crucial step ensures you hit the road legally.

The Application Process:

Here’s a breakdown of the application process in Karachi:

  1. Pre-Appointment is Key: Secure your online pre-appointment slot before heading to the driving license branch.
  2. Bring Your Originals: On the day of your appointment, arrive at the designated branch with your original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  3. Fitness Check: As mandated by the Motor Vehicle Ordinance (1965), a medical officer will conduct a fitness examination to ensure you’re physically fit to drive.
  4. Theoretical & Practical Tests: Ready, set, test! Passing both the theoretical and practical driving tests is your final hurdle.
  5. License Issued: Congratulations! Upon successfully passing both tests, you’ll receive your official and permanent Sindh driving license.

Additional Costs to Consider:

Remember, there are additional fixed charges on top of the license fee. These may include lamination fees, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) fees, medical examination fees, and a TCS (courier) fee, among others.

Obtaining Your Sindh Driving License – Made Easy!

By following these steps and understanding the requirements, acquiring your Sindh driving license in Karachi (and across Sindh) can be a smooth and efficient process. Now, buckle up, hit the road responsibly, and enjoy the freedom of driving in Sindh!

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