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100 Prize Bond February 2024

100 Prize Bond February 2024. Check details.

Pakistan’s 100 Prize Bond: Draw Results and Investment Considerations

The 100 Prize Bond, issued by the National Savings of Pakistan, offers unique investment opportunities within the country.

While not considered an interest-bearing instrument, it holds the potential for substantial cash prizes through quarterly lucky draws.

Here are the prize details for the Prize Bond RS. 100/-:

  • 1st Prize: PKR 700,000 (1 winner)
  • 2nd Prize: PKR 200,000 (3 winners)
  • 3rd Prize: PKR 1,000 (1696 winners)

Key Features:

  • Denomination: PKR 100 (affordable for various investors)
  • Draws: Held every three months
  • Prizes: Varying amounts, including a top prize of PKR 700,000
  • Principal Guarantee: The invested amount remains secured regardless of winning

Investment Considerations:

  • No Interest: Unlike traditional investments, no interest is accrued on the bond value.
  • Chance-Based: Winning relies solely on lucky draw selection.
  • Government Backing: Supported by the National Savings, offering a certain level of security.
  • Target Audience: Primarily caters to individuals seeking potential quick returns rather than guaranteed interest.

Upcoming Draw:

  • Date: February 15th, 2024 (Thursday)
  • Location: Peshawar
  • Draw Number: 45

Additional Information:

  • Official results and prize details are typically announced by the National Savings after the draw.
  • Various denominations of Prize Bonds are available, each with their own draw schedule and prize structure.
  • It’s crucial to understand the financial implications and risks associated with Prize Bonds before investing.

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