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How to Apply for Passport in Pakistan

How to Apply for Passport in Pakistan.

Conquer Passport Chaos: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Smooth Sailing in Pakistan!

Dreams of international adventures? Don’t let the passport process be a drag! This guide simplifies it all, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer.

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Step 1: Choose Your Passport Mate:

  • Ordinary Passport (Green Cover): Your trusty companion for regular travel.
  • Diplomatic Passport (Red Cover): Reserved for VIPs like diplomats.
  • Official Passport (Navy Blue Cover): Exclusively for official government missions.

Step 2: Validity Check:

  • Passport lifespan: 5 or 10 years (choose wisely!)
  • Renewal? Do it before it expires.
  • Kiddo’s passport? Valid for 5 years.

Step 3: Document Arsenal:

18+ Years Old:

  • Bank receipt for the application fee (get that challan!)
  • CNIC/NICOP copies (2 of each)
  • Old passport copy (if applicable)
  • NOC from your workplace (if a government servant)
  • Dual-nationality? Dust off your foreign passport copy.

Minors (Under 18):

  • Bank receipt (same challan magic!)
  • CRC/B-form copies (2 of each)
  • Mom & Dad’s CNIC copies (2 each)
  • Dual-nationality minors? Show that foreign passport copy again.

Step 4: Application Headquarters:

  • Newbies and mods: Head to the nearest Pakistan Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate General.
  • Renewals and reprints? The online portal is your friend!

Step 5: Conquering the RPO (Regional Passport Office):

  • Find your nearest Passport Office and grab a token at the Customer Service Counter.
  • Get those perfect snaps at the Photograph Counter.
  • Leave your fingerprint mark at the Biometric Data Counter.
  • Data Entry Counter? Fill in the blanks flawlessly.
  • Official records check – make sure everything’s squeaky clean.
  • Assistant Director interview: answer with confidence!
  • Passport in hand? Celebrate your victory!

Step 6: E-Passport Fee Fortress:

  • Choose your E-Passport size (36, 72, or 100 pages) and validity (5 or 10 years).
  • Normal or Urgent service? Speedy options come at a premium.
  • Check out the fee table here (link to fee table) – plan your budget accordingly.

Bonus Tip: Embrace the e-Services portal! Renewals, modifications, and even new applications are just a click away. No special software needed, just you and your trusty internet browser.

So, adventurer, are you ready to conquer the passport process? With this guide as your weapon, international travel awaits! Just remember, clear documentation, careful choosing, and a dash of online magic are all you need to land that passport in your hands. Now, go forth and explore!

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