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Pak-Afghan Torkham Border Reopened

Pak-Afghan Torkham Border Reopened and trade resumed after quite a long time.

Torkham Border Reopens: 11 Days of Stalemate Crumble as Trade & Travel Resume!

A sigh of relief for traders and travelers! After 11 days of tense closure, the bustling Torkham border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan has sprung back to life.

Negotiations brought a temporary truce to tighter visa regulations and simmering tensions over militant attacks.

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From Frozen Trade to Flowing Goods: The vital trade artery was choked after Pakistan imposed stricter border controls, demanding visas and passports from both sides.

Now, trucks loaded with goods are rumbling across the border once again, injecting a much-needed boost into regional commerce.

Thaw in Icy Relations? Recent months saw a chill in relations as Pakistan accused Afghanistan of harboring militants who unleash terror attacks.

With over 1,500 casualties last year, Islamabad urged Kabul to crack down on the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

While Afghanistan denied involvement, the border closure was a stark symbol of the strain.

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Temporary Truce, Permanent Solution? Until March 31st, drivers can cross without visas, allowing trade and travel to resume. But come April, valid travel documents will be mandatory.

This temporary reprieve offers a window to address underlying security concerns and forge a lasting solution.

Mass Exodus: A Human Cost: As tensions flared, over 500,000 Afghans fled Pakistan’s crackdown on undocumented refugees. This humanitarian crisis adds another layer of complexity to the already volatile situation.

The Road Ahead: The reopening of Torkham is a positive step, but the long-term outlook remains uncertain.

Building trust and tackling the root causes of militancy will be crucial to ensuring sustained peace and prosperity along the border.

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