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Hamas Calls for Pakistan Support Against Israel

Hamas Calls for Pakistan Support Against Israel.
Ismail Haniyeh, a prominent leader of Hamas, delivered a virtual address at the ‘The Sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Responsibility of the Muslim Ummah’ event organized by Majlis Ittehad-e-Ummah Pakistan at the Jinnah Convention Centre.

He sought Pakistan’s support against the Israeli occupation, shedding light on the numerous challenges faced by the Palestinian people.

Haniyeh passionately emphasized that Israel’s actions, including the arrest of approximately 16,000 Palestinians and the desecration of holy sites, blatantly violated international norms.

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Expressing his disappointment over the non-implementation of the Oslo Accords, Haniyeh pointed out the alarming increase in the occupation of Palestinian territories.

He warned against the establishment of diplomatic relations between Islamic countries and Israel, asserting that such relations would severely damage the Palestinian cause.

Praising Pakistan as a nation known for its bravery, Haniyeh suggested that if Israel faced resistance from Pakistan, the perpetration of cruelty could cease.

He expressed hope in Pakistan’s influential support, referring to the country as a land of Mujahideen.

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Haniyeh highlighted the strong opposition to Israel among those who closely follow the Quran.

Accusing the United States and other countries of supporting Israel, he expressed his aspiration for Israel to retreat, allowing the truth to prevail.

Regarding the recent conflict, Haniyeh claimed that Israel had planned a sudden attack on Gaza with the intention of permanent destruction.

Justifying the actions of Hamas Mujahideen as self-defense, he stated that they preempted Israel’s plans for occupation. Despite the casualties of over 20,000 Palestinians in the conflict, Haniyeh maintained hope in Pakistan’s potential to force Israel to retreat.

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He further acknowledged that Hamas was currently countering Israel’s most advanced weapons, asserting determination to succeed in thwarting Israel’s intentions.

The senior Hamas leader’s address was marked by a combination of urgency, resilience, and a call for international solidarity against the Israeli occupation.

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