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NADRA Juvenile Identity Card

NADRA Juvenile Identity Card.

Secure Your Child’s Future with the New, Speedy NADRA Juvenile ID Card!

Give your child an official identity with multiple benefits! NADRA’s new Juvenile ID Card (JV) offers a faster, more efficient way to secure your child’s identity compared to the CRC.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • For children under 18
  • Chip-based card with enhanced security
  • Apply in person at any NADRA Registration Center (NRC) (no online applications yet)
  • Process:
    1. Get a token at the NRC.
    2. Provide child’s photo, fingerprints, and signature.
    3. Review and submit the application form.
    4. Have the form attested by a blood relative or gazetted officer.
  • Delivery options:
    • Normal: 31 days
    • Urgent: 23 days
    • Fast Track: 9 days (priority processing)
  • Processing starts after form submission.


  • Official identification document
  • Travel convenience
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Enrolling in schools and colleges
  • Reduces identity theft risk

Unlock Your Child’s Future with the Free NADRA Juvenile Card!

More than just an ID, a key to opportunity! The NADRA Juvenile Card offers your child a secure identity and unlocks valuable benefits:

  • Travel confidently: Prove age and identity for flights, trains, and other travel.
  • Embrace independence: Open a bank account or get a mobile phone connection.
  • Access government services: Apply for scholarships, enroll in schemes, and more.

And the best part? Simple Juvenile Cards are FREE!

Choose the perfect option for your needs:

  • Simple Card (Normal): Free, perfect for basic needs.
  • Simple Card (Urgent): Rs. 1,150, get it faster.
  • Simple Card (Executive): Rs. 2,150, enjoy premium features.
  • Smart Card (Normal): Rs. 750, upgrade with a chip for extra security.
  • Smart Card (Urgent): Rs. 1,500, get the chip and faster processing.
  • Smart Card (Executive): Rs. 2,500, enjoy everything with a premium touch.

Simplified Process, Faster Results:

NADRA’s improved system makes getting the card easier than ever! Visit any Registration Center for:

  • Streamlined application process
  • Convenient token system
  • Multiple delivery options (Normal, Urgent, Fast Track)

Empower your child with a secure future! Visit your nearest NRC today.

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