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Khushab DC resigned over manipulation of electoral

Khushab DC resigned over manipulation of electoral in general elections 2024.

Pakistan Election Drama: Khushab Returning Officer Resigns Amidst Delay and Scrutiny

Pakistan’s February 8th elections have been shrouded in controversy from the get-go. Already facing delays and accusations of manipulation, the situation took a dramatic turn with the viral resignation of Khushab’s Additional Deputy Commissioner, Ahmed Sohaib, who served as the Returning Officer for the general election.

Sohaib’s resignation letter, shared widely on social media, painted a picture of immense pressure and personal turmoil.

He described the past three days as a “nightmare,” hinting at potential irregularities in the electoral process without explicitly stating any accusations.

The letter also included a verse from renowned Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, adding an emotional layer to his sudden departure.

However, the authenticity of the resignation letter came under question. The DC Office spokesperson swiftly denied its legitimacy, raising concerns about misinformation spreading during this critical juncture.

This conflicting narrative has fueled public debate and online speculation, further highlighting the need for transparency and swift action from the authorities.

The incident underscores the volatile atmosphere surrounding the elections. Delays in vote counting and allegations of manipulation have cast a shadow on the democratic process, prompting concerns about electoral integrity and fair representation.

Sohaib’s resignation, whether genuine or fabricated, has become a symbol of these anxieties, demanding a thorough investigation and clear communication from the concerned parties.

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