You are currently viewing ECP Announced Plan for General Elections 2024

ECP Announced Plan for General Elections 2024

ECP Announced Plan for General Elections 2024.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has disclosed details of the polling arrangement for the upcoming general election.

The ECP revealed that a total of 90,675 polling stations have been established nationwide, with 25,320 designated for men and 23,950 for women. Additionally, there will be 41,405 joint polling stations across the country.

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In Punjab, there will be 50,944 polling stations, comprising 14,556 for men and 14,036 for women, along with 22,352 joint polling stations.

For Sindh, a total of 19,006 polling stations are set up, with 4,439 for men and 4,308 for women, accompanied by 10,259 joint polling stations.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will host 15,697 polling stations, including 4,814 for men and 4,289 for women, along with 6,594 joint polling stations.

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Similarly, Balochistan will feature 5,028 polling stations, with 1,511 for men and 1,317 for women, and 2,200 joint polling stations.

The ECP also specified the presence of 276,402 polling booths nationwide, with 147,560 for men and 127,842 for women.

Punjab will have 149,434 polling booths, Sindh 65,005, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 47,081, and Balochistan 14,882.

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