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Pakistan Election 2024 LIVE Update

Pakistan Election 2024 LIVE Update. Check details.

The conclusion of Pakistan’s parliamentary elections on Thursday was overshadowed by claims of rigging, delays, and sporadic violence.

The government imposed a temporary shutdown of mobile and internet services, citing concerns about maintaining peace.

Voting began at 8 am and continued until 5 pm, although some constituencies experienced delays due to allegations of irregularities raised by various parties.

Concerns and Allegations Surface After Voting Concludes

Key Points:

  • Allegations of Irregularities: Multiple parties and individuals have raised concerns about the conduct of the election, including:
    • Taliban takeover of a polling station in Tappi, North Waziristan (by Mohsin Dawar)
    • Attack on three female polling agents (by Mohsin Dawar)
    • Video footage of alleged rigging shared by Jamaat e Islami Pakistan
    • Anomalies at polling stations reported by Imran Khan’s PTI party
  • Conflicting Narratives:
    • Interim Prime Minister commends “successful conduct” of the election and high voter turnout.
    • Election Commission claims handling 76 poll-related complaints.
  • Imran Khan’s Situation:
    • Remains behind bars and banned from running due to legal cases.
    • Supporters believe charges were politically motivated.

It’s crucial to acknowledge the diverse perspectives and await official investigations into the allegations before forming definitive conclusions.

It’s also important to remember that the situation in Pakistan is complex and evolving, and relying on credible sources for accurate information is essential.

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