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ECP Announced Election Schedule for 2024

ECP Announced Election Schedule for 2024 after Supreme Court squashed Lahore High Court`s decision.

The political landscape in Pakistan is stirring with anticipation as the Election Commission unveiled the schedule for the upcoming general elections, scheduled for February 8, 2024.

Key dates include the submission of nomination papers from December 20 to 22, with the final candidate list expected on December 23.

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Rigorous scrutiny by returning officers is set from January 1 to December 30, followed by appeal hearings on January 3, 2024.

This revealed schedule marks a crucial juncture, paving the way for a pivotal electoral process in Pakistan’s political arena, impacting the nation’s 220 million citizens and 272 National Assembly seats.

ECP Announced Election Schedule for 2024

The election clock is ticking as the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) unveils crucial dates in the lead-up to the February 8, 2024, general elections.

Mark your calendars for these key milestones:

Candidate Countdown:

  • December 20-22: Aspiring politicians have their shot! Nomination papers fly during this three-day window.
  • December 23: The curtain rises – the official list of candidates is unveiled, ready for scrutiny.

Scrutiny & Appeals:

  • January 1-December 24/30: Returning officers take their magnifying glasses out, meticulously examining nomination papers.
  • January 3: Got a dispute? This day is reserved for hearing appeals regarding candidate acceptance or rejection.
  • January 10: The Appellate Authority has the final say on appeals. Decisions made by this date, carve the final candidate list.

Final Touches:

  • January 11: The revised, definitive list of candidates is published, setting the stage for the final stretch.
  • January 12: Last chance to rethink! This is the deadline for candidates to withdraw their nomination papers.
  • January 13: Election symbols are assigned, marking a significant step towards the official campaign kickoff.

These dates mark the crucial steps in Pakistan’s journey towards its next general elections. Stay tuned for more updates as the political landscape evolves and election fervor reaches its peak!

Pakistan elections 2024 update: ECP announces schedule after SC quashes LHC verdict

The Election Commission’s swift unveiling of the election schedule responds directly to the Supreme Court’s call for prompt action. This clear timeline not only lays the groundwork for a crucial democratic event, but also extends an open invitation to aspiring candidates to step forward and engage in the 2024 electoral process, set for February 8th.

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