You are currently viewing Islamabad to Start Electric Bus Service on 13 Routes Next Year

Islamabad to Start Electric Bus Service on 13 Routes Next Year

Islamabad to Start Electric Bus Service on 13 Routes Next Year.


  1. Police Foundation/Orange Line Station to Red Line Faiz Ahmed Faiz Station in I-8
  2. Allama Iqbal Station to Red Line Potohar Station
  3. Pims to Secretariat
  4. D-12 to G-10
  5. F-11 to Red Line F-8 Station
  6. G-11 to Pims
  7. Aabpara to Tramri Chowk
  8. Nilor to Khanna Pul
  9. Pirwadhai Chowk to Faizabad
  10. B-17 to 26 Number Chungi
  11. I-16 to 26 Number

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Islamabad is on the verge of introducing a cutting-edge electric bus service, with the arrival of 30 electric buses from China scheduled for next month, as disclosed by officials from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) during a meeting chaired by Anwarul Haq.

The CDA plans to import a total of 160 electric buses from China, with the first batch of 30 buses expected in January and the remainder in February and March.

The launch of the bus service is anticipated shortly after the arrival of the initial fleet, and it will operate on 13 designated routes across the federal capital.

Additionally, the CDA is initiating the construction of the main bus depot at Zero Point, along Srinagar Highway towards the H-8 side, with construction expected to take six months.

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Three more bus depots are also in the planning phase. The main bus depot’s construction will commence under the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules, specifically rule 42(f), limiting participation in the bidding process to government-run construction firms for expeditious completion.

The responsibility for operating the buses on the designated routes has been assigned to the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC).

The NRTC will receive Rs. 306 to Rs. 331 per kilometer from the CDA for this operation. The bus service will cover 13 routes, enhancing public transportation accessibility and promoting environmental sustainability in the capital.

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This initiative builds on former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s vision, who, during his tenure, inaugurating Orange Line, Green Line, and Blue Line metro bus services, contributing to the enhancement of public transportation in Islamabad.

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