You are currently viewing Islamabad to get 78 Feeder Electric Metro Buses

Islamabad to get 78 Feeder Electric Metro Buses

Islamabad to get 78 Feeder Electric Metro Buses
In an exciting development, the metro bus service is getting a major upgrade with the introduction of 78 new electric buses on six feeder routes.

Set to join the fleet next month, these modern buses aim to enhance connectivity and accessibility, transforming the public transportation experience.

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The strategic initiative targets key routes, including Sawan to Railway Station, Islamabad Expressway to Railway Station, DHA Kashmirian to G-9 Markaz, DHA Kashmirian to T.B Hospital, Peerwadhai to Kashmir Road, and Faizabad to Kanna Pull.

These additions not only address existing transportation challenges but also showcase a commitment to environmentally friendly solutions through electric buses.

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The Punjab caretaker government’s plan is to connect Rawalpindi residents to the Islamabad-Garrison City metro bus service, with routes covering:

  • Rawat Mandi Morr to Saddar
  • Islamabad Expressway (Koral Chowk) to Marrir Chowk
  • Dhok Kashmirian to Liaquat Bagh via Tipu Road
  • Dhoke Kashmirian to Chandani Chowk
  • Pirwadahi Morr to Marrir Chowk via GT Road
  • Faizabad to IJP Road to Khanna Pul

Notably, these feeder buses won’t charge fares for metro bus cardholders on shorter distances, providing hassle-free public transport.

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The Rs20 fare for these buses aims to ensure accessibility. The initiative underscores a dedication to improving public transportation, with plans for more feeder bus routes and connectivity to Islamabad Airport in the pipeline.

This development signals a positive shift toward sustainable, accessible, and modern public transportation, reflecting the city’s commitment to continual improvement.

Islamabad to get 78 Feeder Electric Metro Buses is seen as a positive sign for the transport perils of the capital.

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