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GiGi EV at Pakistan Auto Show 2023

GiGi EV at Pakistan Auto Show 2023 revealed to the potential buyers. On the first day of the Pakistan Auto Show PAPS 2023, a myriad of brands have made their presence known, introducing their latest offerings. Pictures are at the end.

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Among them, Honda garnered attention, but one standout participant was GiGi EV, a remarkable addition to the Pakistani automotive landscape.

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This electric vehicle, manufactured by GuGo Motors, brings together style, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology in a rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.

GIGI EV Mini Car Price in Pakistan 2023

The GIGI EV is priced at PKR 4.65 million (or 46.5 lakhs) and can only be obtained through pre-order, with an estimated short 30-day delivery time. At present, it is not produced in Pakistan, but the company is striving to modify this situation.

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GiGi EV Performance

Beneath the hood, GiGi EV boasts a robust electric/battery setup:

  • Motor Power/Max Torque: 30 kW (40HP) / 100 N.m
  • Battery Type/Capacity: Lithium iron phosphate battery / 16.8 kWhr (112VDC)
  • Charging Power/Rate: 3.3 (4-5 hr) – 40 km/hr
  • NEDC Range/Max. Speed: Impressive range and a top speed to match

Equipped with a Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Machine and automatic transmission, GiGi EV ensures a seamless and hassle-free driving experience, catering to both seasoned drivers and newcomers alike.

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GiGi EV Chassis and Suspension

Navigating the roads becomes a breeze with GiGi EV’s meticulously designed chassis and suspension:

  • Driving Type: Rear-wheel drive for optimal control
  • Wheel: Stylish Aluminum Alloy wheel (145/60 R13)
  • Suspension: Front MacPherson independent suspension and Rear Multi-link non-independent suspension for a comfortable ride

Advanced Safety Configurations

GiGi EV places safety at the forefront, featuring an array of advanced safety measures:

  • Air Bag: Driver’s seat airbag for added protection
  • Power Cut Protection in Collision: Ensures safety in unexpected situations
  • Safety Belt Warning: A reminder to prioritize safety
  • Additional Features: ABS + EBD, ESP/ESC, EBA/BAS/BA, ASR/TCS/TEC, ARB, Auto-hold Brake, EDR, Reverse Camera, TPM, Parking Radar, and Anti-Theft Mechanism with Remote Control

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Smart Interior

GiGi EV doesn’t stop at performance; it enhances your driving experience with:

  • Sun Visor: Double visor with a make-up mirror for the driver
  • Steering Wheel: Multifunctional steering wheel for easy control
  • Climate Control: Enjoy a comfortable ride with efficient climate control

Tech & Media Marvel

Stay connected and entertained with the EV’s advanced tech features:

  • Electronic Shift/Mode: Choose between Economy and Sport modes for a personalized driving experience
  • Infotainment System: A large 8.8-inch MPS display for a tech-savvy ride

Energy Vehicle Configuration

GiGi EV represents a leap towards a sustainable future:

  • On-Board AC Charging: Convenient charging on the go
  • Charging Cable: Easy access to charging cables
  • Charging Status Display: Stay informed about your charging progress
  • Power Management Display: Optimize your power usage
  • Charging Port Cover Open Reminder: A thoughtful feature for your convenience
  • Smart Charging 12V: Efficiency meets innovation

GiGi EV Pictures:

GuGo Motors Introduces GiGi EV in Pakistan at PAPS Show 2023 marking a significant step towards stepping into the future of electric vehicles.

GiGi EV Car
GiGi EV Car 2
GiGi EV Car 3
GiGi EV Car 4
GiGi EV Car 5
GUGO Motors Invitation to PAPS Show 2023

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