You are currently viewing Indian-American Girl Ranks in World’s Brightest Students List

Indian-American Girl Ranks in World’s Brightest Students List

Indian-American Girl Ranks in World’s Brightest Students List.

Nine-Year-Old Preesha Blazes Through “World’s Brightest” List!

Meet Preesha Chakraborty, the nine-year-old Indian-American whiz kid who’s taken the world by storm!

She just landed a spot on the prestigious Johns Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth’s “world’s brightest” students list, leaving over 16,000 students from 90 countries in her wake!

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Here’s how this young prodigy shines:

  • Acing Above-Grade Tests: Preesha tackled SAT, ACT, and similar assessments like a seasoned pro, scoring in the top 1% for advanced Grade 5 students!
  • Grand Honors and Mensa Membership: Her exceptional performance earned her Grand Honors in the CTY Talent Search and a lifetime membership in Mensa, the world’s oldest high-IQ society!
  • Unlocking Potential: Preesha now has access to over 250 online and on-campus programs at Johns Hopkins, fueling her passion for math, coding, science, and beyond!

Preesha’s story is a beacon of inspiration, proving that age is just a number when it comes to talent and hard work.

She’s a shining example for young minds everywhere, reminding them to dream big and chase their stars with unwavering dedication!

This Nine-Year-Old Prodigy Is Already a Mensa Member and Travel Pro!

Preesha Chakraborty’s mind works at lightning speed! While most nine-year-olds are mastering multiplication tables, Preesha secured a spot on the world’s brightest students list at Johns Hopkins!

But get this – she achieved similar honors at just six years old, scoring top marks in a national test for gifted students!

This brainiac isn’t all textbooks and tests, though. Preesha loves adventures like hiking and mixed martial arts, proving that genius and well-roundedness can go hand-in-hand.

What’s Preesha’s secret? Her parents say it’s a natural passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge that surpasses her age.

But Preesha’s story isn’t just about one girl. As Amy Shelton, CTY’s Executive Director, points out, it’s about celebrating curiosity, encouraging exploration, and nurturing potential in all young minds.

Here’s what CTY hopes for Preesha and other bright stars:

  • Finding communities: Connecting with like-minded peers who challenge and inspire each other.
  • Embracing diverse perspectives: Expanding their worldview and thinking critically.
  • Pursuing their passions: Confidently chasing their dreams, whatever they may be.

So, next time you hear about a “gifted” child, remember Preesha.

It’s not just about test scores; it’s about celebrating curiosity, nurturing potential, and creating a world where every young mind can shine brightly.

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