You are currently viewing Tecno Unveils World’s First Liquid Zoom Camera for the Phantom X

Tecno Unveils World’s First Liquid Zoom Camera for the Phantom X

Tecno Unveils World’s First Liquid Zoom Camera for the Phantom X.

Tecno Shatters Boundaries with Revolutionary Camera Technologies

Tecno’s recent Future Lens event in Shanghai unveiled three groundbreaking camera technologies poised to redefine smartphone photography.

These innovations, expected to debut in upcoming Phantom X devices, push the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile imaging.

1. W-Shaped Adjustable Aperture: Inspired by the adaptable eye of a cuttlefish, this revolutionary design promises dramatic reductions in glare and improved image quality in challenging lighting conditions, particularly with strong backlight.

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Tecno’s ingenious approach utilizes a unique W-shaped shutter, offering a more efficient and effective solution compared to traditional aperture control methods.

2. Industry-First Liquid Telephoto Macro Lens: Tecno breaks new ground by incorporating liquid lens technology into a periscope telephoto module, a first in the industry. Liquid lenses, capable of adjusting their curvature based on applied voltage, offer unparalleled flexibility.

This allows Tecno’s lens to seamlessly switch between wide and narrow focus, achieving macro photography at a remarkable distance of 5cm.

This innovation is a significant leap forward, surpassing the limitations of traditional periscope lenses and paving the way for high-quality close-up shots without compromising on image quality or distortion.

3. Universal Tone Technology: Tecno’s dedication to capturing stunning and authentic skin tones is further amplified by its Universal Tone technology.

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This powerful system leverages three AI-powered engines to optimize skin tones in photographs, ensuring natural and accurate representation across diverse individuals.

  • Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine: Utilizing a meticulously developed color spectral matrix, this engine identifies and corrects skin tones based on extensive research on skin color chromatics.
  • Local-Tuning Engine: This engine plays a crucial role in identifying individuals within a scene and applying individual tone mapping adjustments, resulting in vivid and striking images.
  • Computational Portrait Engine: The final stage involves the Computational Portrait Engine, which adds an aesthetically pleasing finish to portraits, further enhancing their beauty and naturalness.

While Tecno hasn’t officially confirmed which upcoming devices will feature these groundbreaking technologies, the Phantom X series seems the most likely candidate.

With the Mobile World Congress (MWC) approaching early next year, anticipation is high for a firsthand look at these innovative camera features.

Additional Stats and Figures:

  • W-shaped aperture: Expected to reduce glare by up to 90% compared to traditional apertures.
  • Liquid telephoto macro lens: Offers macro focusing distance of 5cm, significantly exceeding standard mobile phone capabilities.
  • Universal Tone technology: Analyzed over 100,000 skin tone samples from diverse individuals across the globe during development.

Tecno’s commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries is evident in these remarkable camera technologies.

With their potential to revolutionize mobile photography, these advancements are sure to generate excitement and anticipation among smartphone enthusiasts worldwide.

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