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How to Renew Nadra Smart CNIC in 2024

How to Renew Nadra Smart CNIC in 2024?

Get Your Smart NIC: Choose Your Path, Get ID Fast!

Whether you’re tech-savvy or prefer the personal touch, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) makes it easier than ever to get your Smart National Identity Card (SNIC).

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Choose your path:

1. Go Digital: Apply Online!

Skip the lines and apply online in just a few clicks! NADRA’s user-friendly portal lets you:

  • Submit your application and documents electronically.
  • Schedule a convenient appointment at your nearest NADRA center for biometrics capture.
  • Track your application status in real-time.
  • Download your e-CNIC for immediate access.

2. Face-to-Face: Visit a NADRA Registration Center (NRC)

Prefer the human touch? Visit your nearest NRC and:

  • Receive a token and get your photo captured.
  • Provide your fingerprints and signature.
  • Review and confirm your data entry.
  • Get a printed application form.
  • Submit and get it attested by a gazetted officer (or skip it by bringing a blood relative!).

Bonus Tip: Save time by bringing a blood relative (parent, sibling, child) for biometric verification, eliminating the need for separate attestation.

Digital SNIC at Your Fingertips: Pak Identity Website Makes It Easy!

Calling all tech enthusiasts! The Pak Identity website brings the SNIC application right to your fingertips. Here’s how it works:

1. Online Application: Click, Click, Done!

  • Visit the Pak Identity website and initiate your SNIC application hassle-free.
  • Complete the form, upload documents, and submit electronically—no queues, no delays!

2. Doorstep Delivery: SNIC on Your Terms

  • Enjoy the ultimate convenience of having your SNIC delivered right to your doorstep.
  • No more trips to crowded offices—your ID comes to you!

3. One-Stop Hub for All Your ID Needs

  • Explore the Pak Identity website for a wealth of additional services and information related to national identity management.
  • Find answers, manage your ID, and stay updated effortlessly.

No matter your preference, getting your Smart NIC is now faster and more convenient than ever. Head online or visit your nearest NRC and get ID’ed the easy way!

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