You are currently viewing How to Change CNIC Address with Nadra’s New Process

How to Change CNIC Address with Nadra’s New Process

How to Change CNIC Address with Nadra’s New Process.

Moving Made Easy: Update Your CNIC Address with These Nadra Hacks!

Just moved? Updating your CNIC address with Nadra is now simpler than ever! Whether you’re across town or across the country, say goodbye to long queues and confusing paperwork.

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Here’s how to breeze through the process:

Gather Your Essentials:

  • Tenancy Agreement: Proof of your new digs!
  • Utility Bill: A recent bill in your name or family’s name at the new address.
  • Family ID: Got a relative living with you? Bring their CNIC.

Head to Nadra:

  • Find your nearest Nadra registration center using the Nadra Guide mobile app.
  • Let their friendly staff guide you through the update process.

Bonus Tech Tips:

  • Download the ‘Pak ID’ mobile app: Get helpful info and support right on your phone.
  • Use the Nadra Guide app’s step-by-step guide: No more guesswork, just smooth sailing!

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Remember: These updates apply to Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs).

Say hello to:

  • 4 quick steps: Grab your tenancy agreement, a recent utility bill, and a family member’s ID (if they live with you), and head to Nadra.
  • Tech-savvy tools: Download the Nadra Guide app for location details and step-by-step instructions. The Pak ID app offers helpful info and support too.
  • Smooth sailing: Our friendly staff will guide you through the update process effortlessly.

This means:

  • No more hassle for those who just moved or switched cities.
  • Easier documentation: Streamlined process to get your current address on your CNIC.
  • Efficient services: Nadra’s commitment to user experience shines through!

With these simple steps and handy tools, updating your CNIC address is a breeze. So pack your bags, settle into your new home, and get your address sorted with Nadra!

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