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NADRA FRC Process 2024

NADRA FRC Process 2024.

Secure Your Family’s Future with NADRA’s FRC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Build a lasting record of your family’s story with the National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) Family Registration Certificate (FRC).

This official document maps your family tree, be it through blood or marriage, ensuring your loved ones are recognized and protected.

Types of NADRA FRC:

  • By Birth: Connect yourself to your parents and siblings with their 13-digit CRC/CNIC/NICOP/POC ID numbers. Accuracy in name spelling is key! Include photos of minors and yourself.
  • By Marriage: Forge a legal bond with your spouse and children. Provide their 13-digit CRC/CNIC/NICOP/POC ID numbers and ensure accurate name spellings. Photos of minors and yourself are mandatory.

Getting Your FRC:

  1. Gather Documents: Collect the required 13-digit ID numbers for relevant family members. Double-check name spelling for accuracy.
  2. Capture Memories: Take photos of all family members under 18 and yourself.
  3. Submit and Track: Head to your nearest NADRA Registration Center (NRC) with your documents. Track your application online for updates.


  • NADRA’s FRC simplifies inheritance, property ownership, and travel permissions for your family.
  • Applying for an FRC is straightforward, but ensure you have the correct documents and information for a smooth process.
  • Visit the official NADRA website for more details and application forms.

Important Tips for Your NADRA FRC Application:

1. Complete Family Records:

  • Ensure all family members are registered with NADRA and that their information, including names and ID card numbers, is accurate. Incomplete details might exclude them from your FRC.
  • If parents’ information is missing, update their ID cards before applying for the FRC.

2. POC as Applicant:

  • If a family member holds a Person of Concern (POC) card, they can apply for the FRC and include other relatives.

3. Easy Document Access:

  • Once your application is submitted, you’ll receive a PDF copy of your FRC within 1-2 working days via email for convenient printing and future reference.

4. Limited Corrections:

  • Corrections are only allowed for English name spellings on the FRC. Changes to family member names are not permitted.


  • Maintaining accurate information in NADRA records is crucial for a smooth FRC application.
  • POC holders can easily apply for the FRC and include their families.
  • Receiving your FRC via email is a fast and convenient way to access your document.
  • Double-check English name spelling before submitting your application.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and successful NADRA FRC application process for your family!

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