You are currently viewing FBR Field Officials Postpone Strike Against Reforms

FBR Field Officials Postpone Strike Against Reforms

FBR Field Officials Postpone Strike Against Reforms.

Tax Tension Takes a Time-Out: FBR Officers Suspend Strike Over Reforms

A brewing storm within the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has temporarily dissipated, with field officials postponing a planned strike against ongoing departmental restructuring.

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Key Points:

  • Strike planned for Thursday, January 19th, has been called off.
  • FBR member Wazir engaged in online meetings with field officers, advocating for calm and collaboration.
  • He emphasized the detrimental effect of strikes on the FBR’s image and pledged inclusion in the reform process.
  • FBR officially denied rumors of strikes and affirmed normal operations in all field formations.


  • Despite the strike suspension, the FBR continues its crackdown on non-filers.
  • The deadline for blocking mobile SIM cards and connections for non-filers remains within January, not March as some speculated.
  • Millions of unfiled notices have been issued.


  • This temporary truce offers a window for constructive dialogue and potential resolution of concerns around the restructuring.
  • Continued communication and transparency from the FBR are crucial to maintaining employee morale and ensuring smooth implementation of reforms.

Further Development:

  • Monitoring the situation closely to see if the FBR successfully addresses grievances and avoids future strike actions.
  • Observing how the non-filer crackdown progresses and its impact on tax compliance.

This reprieve comes after FBR Member Inland Revenue (Operations), Mir Badshah Khan Wazir, directly addressed the disgruntled officers, assuring them of transparency and dialogue regarding the reforms.

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