You are currently viewing NADRA New Smart ID Card Fee Structure 2024

NADRA New Smart ID Card Fee Structure 2024

NADRA New Smart ID Card Fee Structure 2024 is mentioned here. So, please keep reading.

Get Your Smart NIC: 2024 Fees and How to Apply!

Attention Pakistanis! NADRA has announced the 2024 fee structure for the vital New Smart National Identity Card (SNIC).

This 13-digit number isn’t just a card, it’s your key to essential documents like licenses, bank accounts, and passports.

Who Can Apply?

All Pakistani citizens 18 years and above are eligible for the SNIC, making it your gateway to officialdom.

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Applying Made Easy:

No more long lines! You can now apply for your SNIC in two convenient ways:

  • Head to a NADRA Registration Center (NRC): The familiar way, perfect for personal interaction and guidance.
  • Go Online with Pak Identity: Skip the queues and apply from the comfort of your home! Just note that online applications are only for renewals, not fresh CNICs.

Online Perks:

The Pak Identity website makes applying a breeze:

  • Fill out forms electronically.
  • Upload required documents.
  • Track your application status in real-time.
  • Get your SNIC delivered straight to your doorstep!

Fees and More:

For updated fee details and information on specific requirements, be sure to visit the official NADRA website or your nearest NRC.

New Smart NIC in 2024: Your Guide to Fees and Application!

Need your New Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) in Pakistan? Here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 fees and application process!

Choose Your Speed, Choose Your Fee:

  • Normal: Rs. 750 – Standard processing for those who can wait a bit.
  • Urgent: Rs. 1,500 – Get it fast for an extra fee. Ideal if you need it soon.
  • Executive: Rs. 2,500 – Premium service with expedited processing and extra perks.

Apply Online or In-Person:

  • Pak Identity website: Convenient online application for renewals (no fresh applications yet). Sit back, relax, and get your SNIC delivered to your door!
  • NADRA Registration Center (NRC): The traditional route, perfect if you prefer personal assistance.

Why Get Your SNIC?

It’s your gateway to essential services and documents, like licenses, bank accounts, and passports. Don’t miss out!

Ready to Apply?

  • Visit the official Pak Identity website for detailed requirements and application instructions.
  • Head to your nearest NRC for in-person guidance.

Stay Updated:

Fee structures and procedures may change, so keep an eye out for official announcements from NADRA.

Get your SNIC efficiently and unlock a world of possibilities!

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