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Former Air Chief Attacked in Islamabad

Islamabad: Former Air Chief Attacked in Islamabad was robbed, and his security guards got injured in a robbery incident that happened in Islamabad’s posh sector F-11. Reportedly, Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, who was the 13th Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), was approached and grabbed by two unknown armed robbers when he was taking an evening stroll in F-11/1. The robbers tried to snatch the phone, cash, and other valuable belongings.

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Reportedly, he was accompanied by his security guards, who rushed toward Mr. Tahir Rafique Butt. When the robbers saw his guards, they opened fire and managed to escape from the scene. Police reached the crime scene quickly and took injured guards to the hospital. According to the police, the injured guards are identified as Kamran and Baber. It was not immediately clear whether the former PAF Air Chief was also injured in the incident.

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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan; it is known for its peace. It is considered to be the safest city in the country, but nowadays, crimes in Islamabad are on the rise like never before. The major reasons behind this significant rise in crimes are unemployment, hyperinflation, poverty, and poor law enforcement.

The security authorities must take quick measures to restore law and order in the city, as providing safety and security to citizens should be a priority for police and security agencies instead of becoming part of the political victimization gang.

While keeping in view the Former Air Chief Attacked in Islamabad, such incidents are an eye-opener for law enforcement agencies. Their foremost duty is to protect the lives and belongings of the citizens no, whether civilian or military personnel. It could be just another random incident or a targeted attempt. In either case, strict action must be taken at all costs.

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