You are currently viewing Elections Postponed in Bajaur after Rehan Zeb Shot Dead

Elections Postponed in Bajaur after Rehan Zeb Shot Dead

Elections Postponed in Bajaur after Rehan Zeb Shot Dead.

Tragedy Strikes Election Season: Shooting Postpones Bajaur Polls, Blast Rocks PTI Rally in Sibi

Bajaur in shock: Elections in NA-08 constituency have been abruptly postponed following the shooting death of PTI-backed candidate Rehan Zeb.

Just a week before polling day set for February 8th, Zeb was fatally gunned down while campaigning in Sadiqabad Phatak Bazar.

This shocking incident marks the third election postponement in KP due to candidate deaths, raising concerns about political violence and safety.

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A life cut short: Rehan Zeb Khan was contesting polls in both NA-8 and PK-22 seats.

His murder has sent shockwaves across the constituency and beyond, prompting immediate action from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

They have demanded a report from the Chief Secretary and IGP, urging swift action to apprehend the perpetrators.

Violence mars rallies: This tragedy comes on the heels of another election-related attack, a bomb blast that ripped through a PTI rally in Sibi, Balochistan.

Four people tragically lost their lives, and five others were injured in the Tuesday attack.

The blast targeted the rally as it passed through Jinnah Road, highlighting the heightened threats and insecurity surrounding the current election season.

Demands for accountability and safety: As both incidents raise alarming questions about political violence and security measures, calls for thorough investigations and strong accountability resonate across the nation. Ensuring safe and fair elections for all candidates and voters remains paramount.

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